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bottling Non-professional bottling tips

I'm thinking of making some "homemade" mustards and hot sauces to make as Christmas gifts for the holidays because I can't stand the commercialization of them (maybe if someone knew how to shop for me I wouldn't mind so much :shocked:).

I think I can figure out how to make tasty stuff, but what I was really wondering is how long will things keep without professional sealing.

I also wanted to know if there was something available that was smaller than a Mason jar (although I'm sure they would get a kick out of getting something in a Mason jar from someone named Mason).

I'm not looking to get into the business, but assuming its feasable I would also like to send a few out to my esteemed chileheads (that's you) for constructive criticism and holiday cheer.
I get the 5oz. woozies from a restaurant supply here in town. You can get the shrink wrap for the top just about anywhere.

I've only been doing my hot sauces for about a year and have never had any go bad. Just to be on the safe side, I always tell my reciepeints to refridgerate after opening.

When you ship, just make sure you have pletny of packing peanuts or bubble wrap.
I've just had a thought, having watched Don't Be A Menace In South Central Drinking Your Juice In The HOod again:

Could one market a chili sauce in a 40 oz bottle, and call it "... and one for my dead scovies"?
When we first started we used the short, 4oz mason jars. We now use a "tureen" style, but there is a very high minimum order.

When we were investigating, we checked out:

Also, for a 2 oz size, check out your local "do it best" center. Ours ordered these neat little mugs for us.

Here's the site, but it's cheaper if you can get your local store to order them in. Ours were .41 each, and no shipping:
The 4 oz mason jars I use I get at Walmart unfortunatly. I hate even going in that place...feel like scabies is gonna jump on me....urgh....but that's thge only place I've been able to find them.

They are about 8 bucks a dozen.
I'm going to go with the Mason jars...I guess it will make a good gag to go with it. Now if I I could only get my hands on that "extra strength" horseradish powder they use in making fake wasabi. I'd get that if it didn't have the damn green color in it. Oh well...now I need to figure out which beer I want to use for my beer mustard.