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Nothing like a little stroke...

For real.

Sunday night, I started "stroking out" here at home. Weird feeling, that is. Kinda hard to talk to the paramedics when all that will come out of your mouth is, "Twelve".

Anyway, I spent over 16 hours getting CT scans (3 of those) and the all-not-so-fun lumbar puncture...aka: spinal tap. Nothing like a lightning bolt shooting down your leg... There was apparently a lot of blood in my spinal fluid and they started to freak. Next thing I know, I have at least 21 of those sticky patches all over my chest, arms and legs and I'm hooked up to one of those monitoring devices with a team of docs staring at it not saying a word.

While I was waiting on the CT scan results to come back (that took forever) I got my speech back and my motor skills in my left arm, but I still can't really hold on to much of anything.

Well, come to find out, I didn't have a stroke. They found about a dozen or so benign annuresims and two of those are questionable. I have a neurology follow up in about a week.

Nothing like blowing a gasket to put a damper on a nice weekend.
I'm ok... Just don't quite feel like normal. That spinal tap still hurts, and my left hand grip isn't much to write home about. My speech seems to be fine, but it really sucked having to write everything down for awhile.

I won't be going into work today, either.
I thought I knew what it might be after reading half way down your post. My Mum had a burst brain aneurysm a few years ago but made an 100% recovery in very short time, she too went through loads of tests. I wish you all the best in recovering DD, a great bloke like you shouldn't be allowed to be ill with horrid things, I feel bad now for seeing the title of the post thinking "Ah, DD's at it again" I bet your wife is nursing you well though and you're loving it ;)

RB xxx
Sorry to hear about this, DD.
Take care and get well.
Have they put you on phenobarbitol or anything like that?
Not on any meds. Just some Ibuprofen for the back pain.

Of course, that's subject to change next week.

If they decide to go in and remove whatever is is from my head, I'm sure I'll have some fun drugs.
DevilDuck said:
Not on any meds. Just some Ibuprofen for the back pain.

Of course, that's subject to change next week.

If they decide to go in and remove whatever is is from my head, I'm sure I'll have some fun drugs.

I was just wondering because to my knowledge usually blood in the cerebrospinal fluid can cause seizures.
My Mum wasn't put on that though, mind you she went two weeks after it burst before a doctor (including visits to the local doctor who said it was nothing) found the problem and two emergency hospital visits(the hospital said they don't do brain scans on a Sunday) and a week of that she was working as usual. They said it was Meningitis because of the blood in the spinal fluid at first. Some people have aneurysms for years without problems anyway, it's when they burst or get too big (or where in the brain) that seems to be the problem.
Wow my had an inoperable anuerism on the brain last Sept -- they went thru her arteries and used 11" of surgical coiling -- and she is well
amazing what they can do now a days -- good luck to you


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DD...my prayers are with you my friend...get that grip back so you can continue to beat them skins...if you need me, call me....I am within 8 or 9 hours of you and will be there...may have to tell a fib or two to get FMLA...but I will be there...

I had a Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repaired 2 1/2 years ago and am fine now...
DevilDuck so sorry to hear hope you get all better very soon. That is some crazy shit that happen to you home alone it sounds. Here's to a quick recovery!


Wow, that's pretty heavy DD... Glad you're still kicking m8. :)
I really hope all will continue to be well for you.
Thanks for your concern, everyone. I've been sleeping most of the day and my wife went and got me some really good hot & sour soup from the Chinese place up the street.

I'm going to pick up my drumsticks in a few hours and work on my left hand dexterity. I'ts even pretty difficult to type with both hands. Besides, I have a gig Saturday.

Now....where's my beer?


yeah, when i had a bit of a hand issue due to nerve damage...I twirled a pencil for a year. I can use that hand now thankfully. ya can do it.


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D.D my deepest respect goes out to you buddy in such strange and difficult time..nice to see your trying things out and pushing yourself to do more day by day..it helps more than we no to think people have genuine thoughts for us and this is the case here,take your strength from inside and dont push yourself to hard..nothing wrong with learning again and this time you will get a gold star from yourself for a change and that is no bad thing :)