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NPG,s Grow Log

i decided to start various types of pepper seeds this year im growing 2 of every plant except for some im only growing 1, im going for variety instead quantity hers my list:
Moruga Satan Strain
White Bhut
Naga Viper
red brain strain
red primo
douglah x butch t
7 pod burgandy
7 pod brown
chocolate ghost  
7 pod douglah 
7 pod bubbulegum!
Moa scotch bonnet 
jays peach ghost scorpian
jays red ghost scorpian
chocolate scorpian 
yellow moruga
red moruga
yellow billy boy douglah
white 7 pod
sepia serpent
Carolina Reaper
monster carolina reaper
purple bhut x maldivia
brown moruga
Yellow Primo
Caramel Moruga
red billy boy douglah
yellow brainstrain
billy boy jonah
yellow 7 pod
yellow scorpion
7 pod jonah

so far my yellow primos and caramel morugas where the first to sprout

im plan on putting these guys in a raised bed using the square foot method
i have been collecting them from here on THP, hunting one strain lead to another and next thing you know i got all these types and i still got some more types on thier way :dance:
gourdmaster said:
Looks like a great mash of peppers you got going, im liking your sprouts! Itll be fun watching this log since youre in the same area, good luck with your grow!
thanks, your like 30 minutes away, good luck with yours also
added satan strain and UBSC from coheeds seeed trian!
here are my 7 pod bubblegum, jays peach ghost scorpion and MOA scotch bonnet! transplanted from aerogarden

Haven't been on here for a while here's a update

Got even more plants starting in the other room lol im running out of space

Brown and caramel moruga, monster Carolina reaper and white 7 pod

My bubblegum and my Jays peach are flowering

Yellow 7 x choco ghost and white ghost in my aerogarden

Pepper in aquaponics
peppers finally ripening
white 7 pod, 7 pod jonah, SBJ7, white ghost pepper.

awesome yellow primo!

caramel moruga

yellow 7 pod x chocolate bhut

got lots of peppers, thinking of makeing a sfrb or just keeping them all to myself :)