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OCD 2023

Been debating on growing or starting a GLOG. Doing both. I had some Goats Weed and Pusa Sadabahar plants from last year. I overwintered. Kept them in the kitchen window until a few weeks ago. Set up my tent and threw them in there. They were flowering like crazy and had pods on them in the kitchen window. I recently crossed the GoatsWeed with the Sadabahar. Should be interesting.

43 seeds sowed. And more germinating. This will be a container grow. We’ll see what pops.

Here is my list:

UFO Habanero (Mine)
Ring of Fire
BOCx Aji Pineaplle
Blue Ghost Peach
WHP2 Scotch
Scotch Brains Red
Coyote Zan White
Aji Charapita
Hellfire Weed
Freeport Orange
7pot Primo
Habanero x Bahamian Goat
Peach Fatalii
Borg 9 Purple/Red
BrainStrain (Mine)
Scotch Brain
Reaper Peach Bhut
Telin x LemonDrop F2 from Mike. (Couldn’t find any later version of this. And Mike hasn’t seem to be on the sight recently)
Bonda Mahala (windchicken)
Forbing Naga (windchicken)
Bhut Ghost Peach
Red Thai
Thai Hot (Strain2)
Jamaican Gold
California Reaper Peach
Serrano Tampiqueno
Hatch Red Hot
Aji Caballero
Scotch Bonnet Red (Strain3)
Tabasco Greenleaf
NU Mex Pumpkin Spice Jalapeño
Jamaican Hot Yellow
Orange Habanero
BOC Reaper (Red)
Tepin x Lemon Drop (TownsEnd)
BOC Reaper (063)
Primo (windchicken)

I’m sure there may be a couple I left out.

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OCD Chilehead

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Welcome to the fray, Chuck! Your set-up looks invincible!
OWs look awesome, too!
Thanks Paul!

The plant in the middle is the Sadabahar. She is 3 years old. I put here out each year and cut her way down when she’s comes in. She has been way dormant this year. Some of the new pods have some kind of mutation to them. The have a little finger that curls. Downward. Weird. The picture of the single pod is the cross I did on her with the GoatsWeed pollen.

Thanks for stopping by!

OCD Chilehead

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Throwing around those peppers and show them some tough love. 😀

Your grow list is interesting. Nice and spicy. I'm following along for the ride.
What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. They will thank me later in life when the are a bit older. Lol

Thanks for stopping by Jane!
Good to see you gloggin Chuck. I'll be following along as well. Good luck this season.
Thanks Rick!

OCD Chilehead

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Nothing major to report. Seed are starting to hook.

My 3 year old Sadabahar is putting out some unusual pods. Some sort of mutation.


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OCD Chilehead

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Your setup looks destined for success! Are the plugs you are using in the 72 cell trays Root Riot by chance?
They most certainly are root riot. First time using them.

I usually have multiple aero garden going. I sold my house and moved. I think my ex girlfriend threw out a couple of my gardens. I just purchased a new bounty. Led and super quiet. I’m also making a low pressure aeroponic chamber. The Supers are such a long season. I like using hydro and transplanting to soil. They grow 3 times as fast.

OCD Chilehead

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I just received an insert for my aerogarden. I usually germinate and go right into the machine. This site hold 50 seedlings. Way stoked about that!
Also some more seeds. Got two more packages coming in memory serves me right. Lol
A Tea book. Im very excited about this book. I know a bit and have experience with compost tea. I’m hoping to learn more. I’ve never had a more successful garden, than I have had using compost teas. Healthy plants and very productive. One year I skipped the compost tea and it showed. Never doing that again. I’m becoming a garden nerd and it’s cool. I love learning about soil biology.

Pepper Guru (Rich) is my hero! Thank you Rich, for your contribution.


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OCD Chilehead

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A little update. I’ve been struggling with seed germination. First time ever in the pat 10 years. I use paper towel method or condiment cups. Nothing. Even tried just water soak and changing water everyday. I’ve tried straight in the media and not good numbers at all. My Heat is at 83 degrees. I’ve tried lowering and raising with no luck. Peroxide soak and nothing. I ordered some Salt Peter. We shall see. Usually paper towel method has sprouts after 24 hr soak within a week. Oh well. That’s growing.

I have a few plants so I’m not too worried. I’m going to pot up today. I have the Aerogardens going as well. Over Winters are doing good. Got a bunch of peppers. Making some tea this afternoon.


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OCD Chilehead

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My mutant Goatsweed and Sadabahars.


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Your overwinters look great Chuck. Looks like you managed to avoid the dreaded aphid infestation. Any secrets you wanna share?

OCD Chilehead

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Your overwinters look great Chuck. Looks like you managed to avoid the dreaded aphid infestation. Any secrets you wanna share?
Thanks man. Last year it was horrible for aphids. A couple plants didn’t make it. The one plant in the big pot did. It’s going into its third season. The only thing I did different is, I sprayed them every couple of weeks with a store bought solution. Walmart. I figured if I started early with preventive, they might have a chance. I also lightly sprayed the soil. It seemed to work. Once they aphids are established last year, it was hard to control with the product. But preventative worked. I sprayed once a month October , November and December. I haven’t sprayed them since December. I’ll spray them again once I harvest all the pods. I’ll spray all my new plants before going outside.


OCD Chilehead

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Potted up today. Most haven’t even got here first set of leaves and have lengthy tap roots. Have a few more stragglers and the ones in the aero garden. Sowed a few more seeds that didn’t take the first time. Straight to soil no soak. If I can get it down, one less step to do. Temps are high today. Fixed the mulcher yesterday and need to put the rototilller back together today. Had to clean the carbs on both of them.

I’ve ordered some reading material to improve my gardening skills. I’m going to try and compost heavily this year. I’m also trying to get away from the store bought nutrients in bottles. Raw organics, compost teas and fermented fertilizers. If not familiar, check out Pepper Gurus videos. They are amazing.

Anyways, pics and my bag of tricks.


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