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review Official Review: Red Hawk Premium Peppers Scorpion Sting Extreme

Product Name: Red Hawk Premium Peppers Scorpion Sting Extreme

Style: Fruit

Manufacturer: Red Hawk Premium Peppers

Country of Origin: USA

Website: http://www.redhawkpeppers.com/

Ingredients: Strawberries, Moruga Scorpion Peppers, Trindad Scorpion Peppers, apple cider, wildflower honey, sweet onion, vanilla, PAIN powder, citric acid, corn starch
Label/Packaging: The label is the standard Red Hawk label with a twist; a fiery striping on yellow and oranges. I like the scorpion with the strawberry for a tail. Also nice on the PA Preferred sticker (local company selling local).

Appearance/Aroma: To hell with the appearance, the aroma is out of this world!!! You get the sweet strawberry smell with the sweetness of the not one—but two different types of scorpion peppers just jumping out of the bottle as you open it. Okay the appearance is nice too. Nice deep orange color and very smooth looking sauce.
Will a sauce from Red Hawk finally sting me???

Body of Review:
As you may or may not know, Dan Lowenstein of Red Hawk Premium Peppers is a friend of mine.  We are both Central Pennsylvania boys that share a love of the outdoors, mountains, and hot sauce.  I have had several occasions to spend a little time with Dan in person.  I generally use that time to give him crap about his sauces.  Especially the labels and the lack of heat.  This is mostly tongue in cheek, but I see he has taken my good-natured ribbing to heart with this sauce.  The label has more flair, and the sauce promises more heat.  Let's taste it.
The first millisecond it is in my mouth it is like a strawberry syrup or jelly flavor.  Very sweet.  I do actually pick up the vanilla as well.  This is very short lived before the strawberry is joined by the sweet flavor of the moruga.  I can also taste the honey at about that time.  The cider vinegar is there in the background, but it is an afterthought.  An absolutely wonderfully composed sauce.  The flavors work together perfectly.  I think the moruga is the perfect complement to the strawberries and honey.
The consistency of the Extreme compared to when I tasted the original is much smoother, almost silky.  The strawberry seeds are all but eliminated.  Very nice.
The heat.  Now this is what I am talking about.  You get a quick bang from the PAIN in there, which starts on the tip of the tongue and works its way all around the mouth, and the moruga scorpion hits you pretty hard in the throat.  Two spoonfuls and I am sweating and my tongue hurts.  It's not so hot that I cannot continue eating it though!

Heat Level: 8.5

Applications: Like its milder little brother, this one is great on fish, chicken, pork or turkey. You could also try it over ice cream or pancakes if you are feeling daring.

Appearance Score: 4.5
Aroma Score: 5
Taste Score: 5
Mouthfeel Score: 4.5
Heat Accuracy Score: 4.5

Overall Score: 4.7

Notes: Okay, I will no longer ask you if you have anything hot, Dan. I promise. Fantastic sauce. I cannot find fault with it at all. Everyone that reads this, buy it, you will be glad you did.


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Excellent review man! Scorpion Sting Extreme has become a real crowd pleaser since I made it the first time for the 2013 Bowers Chile Festival. I only make this sauce on occasion since it does use up a lot of peppers and PAIN powder and it really is a step up in heat from the original.
Just a quick note, this sauce contains no vinegar just like the original. That is apple cider, not apple cider vinegar. Glad you enjoyed it brother!!!
Great review as usual JayT.
RedTail I am impressed with the choice of ingredients, the color and the consistency. It just looks and sounds fantastic. I made a sweet peach sauce once with fatailis and cinnamon, that I liked. But strawberries and vanilla and morugas sounds better, much better. 
I have been curious about corn starch and wondered if it affected shelf life and also have wondered about a no vinegar sauce's ability to hit target pH. You answered both questions in one bottle. Great job! ...if you ever want to trade, I'd be happy to. 
Jeff White, White Label Hot Sauce
I use powdered citric acid to help lower the pH even lower than the natural acidity from the strawberries. Even though our Strawberry Scorpion sauces (both original and extreme) don't have vinegar, they are the lowest pH of all my products.
Jeff, I'm always up for a sauce trade! Let me see what ya got buddy!