for-sale *ON SALE* Trinidad Chocolates ~New PICS!~

Hello ALL :)
We now have available Trinidad Chocolates on our website! Please follow the steps below to get yours ordered before they are GONE! Only 15 boxes available.........
1. Please visit
2. Click on the "Fresh Peppers" link...
3. Click on the "Trinidad Chocolate" product link...
4. Select the quantity of boxes you would like to order...
5. Complete payment via Paypal (You do NOT need a PayPal acct to complete your purchase, just a Visa, MC, AmEx, etc....)
6. ENJOY!! :)
Sizzlin' Salutations!,
Dale E. Baker Jr
Baker's Peppers LLC
@BakersPeppers On Twitter


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Im sorry, we do not ship fresh pods out of the USA....but yes we do take Paypal for other things we sell...Like seeds and dried pods...