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fermenting One year mash ferment with toasted mustard seeds and traditional Indian spices


Only had enough bottles to bottle the two jars on the right but this turned out really well. The ghost peppers really spice things up despite only using a small amount. I dry toasted yellow and black mustard seeds with a few dry curry leafs. Ground in a mortar and pestle to half powder and half small pieces. You can see the black mustard seed parts in the bottles.


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Well done on a successful mash ferment - it's the one kind that I have not been able to do in a glass jar without a high probability of mold. It looks absolutely delicious!

I've since resorted to the vacuum bag method for mash.
I have had issues as well but it has been working out as a try it more. One thing I am going to try this year is use half the salt in the blender and add the other half on top of the mash. Then mix it all together come cook time. Maybe give that a try.