pics Opinions please Bhut Jolokia vs my Burmese Naga ?

Hi Guy's

Im after opinions please...............

I've never grown bog Standard Bhut jolokia I've grown Dorset naga Bengle naga and now this year Burmese naga.

These are my Burmese Naga chillies grown in 2023 seeds from a UK website

How do they compare to bog Standard Bhut Jolokia 🤔


I really love these chillies very pretty indeed 😍

Thin walled nice Naga flavour and good heat but not as hot as I'd expected.

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These days a lot of crap is being passed off as Bhut Jolokia, but my standard has always been the seed that the Chile Pepper Institute sells since they've kept the oldest strain in North America (that I'm aware of). Always isolated. The pods are huge, best I've ever grown.