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overwintering OW late starts for fun and profit?

Uncle Eckley

Extreme Member
What say I start some seeds now in 7b, let 'em grow outside for the rest of the season, then bonk 'em down to OW size (leaving them in the ~1G pots) - would that provide any benefit over starting seeds in the spring as usual?


Extreme Member
I'd expect more profit from seeds started later. leading into spring. Your season probably continues longer than mine, but I'd think there's not much time left for them to establish and build up energy stores in the roots before the OW.

Of course, it would be more fun to start seeds now :)

I started some late and they were a little stunted this year.. Of my overwinters, they took the longest to recover vs. ones started during the spring runs.
If you have room just let them grow through winter, this will give you much bigger plants come spring. No need for grow lamps if you have sunny enough windows.