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OZZ Indoor cannabis grow show

Doors x Ohaze #3 stabilized in the jar at 63%, pretty close to where I like it for cure.

This one is different yet from the other 2. It might change as it cures out but as of right now it’s got a fruity terp profile but with the menthol thing the other two have (while growing) …. only on the backend. Once they cure out #2 is all black pepper and spices, #1 is completely different terp wise (still can’t put my finger on it yet) and so far this #3 can be described as Mango menthol if there was such a thing.

The vape tester tonight is great so far, nice and strong. Definitely cerebral. I’m going to have to grow all three of these phenos side by side to try and pick a keeper. I think they are all keepers to be honest. What a problem to have 🤣🤣🤣

These are classic old school Haze genetics. Pretty remarkable they still come off this strong. My #2 pheno turns into herbal cocaine when consumed with alcohol it will keep the party going all night and if everything is starting to come to a standstill lighting up a doober of #2 will boost everyone up and get everyone up and at ‘3’ again. I love her effect when entertaining or heading out to be active.




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Day 1 week 2 12/12 on the bitties. They have stretched nicely since last week and I’ll be happy if stretch stops here or even if it continues another 5”. Pistils are starting to get pushed so I’m guessing they will start slowing down soon.

The final round of lollipoping was completed this morning, I’ll probably wait a few more weeks then do a very very selective round of removing large fans that are blocking budsites from light. Other than that I’m just over here in autopilot with the autopots :D :thumbsup:

Bring on that blockhead pheno!


Left to right Bitties #1 and #2

#1 is more WLD
#2 is more NLD (#2 has the strongest stem rub scents in the tent also)



…. Left to right bitties #3 and bitties #4

#3 is more WLD like #1
#4 is more NLD like #2 but #4 has the least fragrant stem rubs in the tent.




I went in there and did a good rubdown on all of them this morning.

All four plants have similar stem rub scents, as mentioned #2 is the strongest …. With #1 and #3 being next and #4 being the least loud.

Scents are very chemical … yet “fresh” …. Like toothpaste mixed with window cleaner lol. Maybe hints of mint or juniper