for-sale Paper Lantern Habaneros SFRB $14

Hey, I have a lot of Paper Lantern Habaneros ready and more on the way. Heat level rated at 200,000-350,000 SHU. This has been my primary pepper for hot sauce and it does a great job.

SFRB $14

I can also do Medium flat rate boxes if someone is interested. I think it would be about $50-55 (it would be about 5-5.5 lbs of peppers). But I need to grab a box from the post office and verify it and the price.



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Got mine today! They were sitting opened like this on the porch.. Maybe a little tape over the tabs next time. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Fresh and a little hotter than mine.. Thanks.
very nice. It said it delivered saturday I thought. But yeah, I will have to tape them up more. Looks like i will be making a ton of hotsauce this week with all the other peppers about too ripe to ship now until next wave gets picked. Thanks again.