PaulG 2019 - Three Gallon Grow

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So, this thread is sort of a sub-thread to my regular 2019 Grow Log.

I am growing ten plants in 3-gallon pots this season.

Thinking about this because I want to be able to move
them in and out of the garage or greenhouse this Fall in
order to extend the season. Plus, I am not sure how much
longer I want to wrestle with the big containers. Even wet
10-gallon pots are getting heavier each year, and always
having to get help to lift the big containers in and out of their
saucers is getting to be a drag.

This thread will concentrate on just the 3-gallon plants. If I
can get decent production from a 3-gallon Pot, that would
be great. I think that will be the case based on my grow of
the Aji Amarillo plants in 2-gallon pots in 2017.

The ten plants included in this mini-grow:
  • JA Red Habanero
  • Yellow Scorpion
  • SLR cross
  • Aji Amarillo
  • Peruvian Red Rocoto
  • Chiltepin
  • Goats Weed
  • c. chacoense
  • BJ Hybrid (3-inch pod)
  • ? - probably Mark's (Dragon49) PdNxBJ if it arrives healthy and I can get it going!.


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Adding Aji Benito and Sugar Rush Peach to the grow list.
Oops, just realized i posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry.


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Devv said:
Great looking plant Paul ;)
The 3 gallon pots CAN produce :dance:
Right you are, my friend!

I brought it inside today so it could flower under the lights.
The Trippaul Threat did pretty well under them last season.
Found some aphids, so had to do a search and squish, and
pick off some leaves and a couple of small twigs. Lights are
T5HO 4 x 4. Lots of flowers becoming evident:

The Goats Weed hanging in the garage are dried.
The last dozen pods!


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Finally got around to taking the pods off of the c. chacoense.
There are three little green pods left on the plant.

Looks like a little volunteer c. chacoense has sprouted
underneath the parent plant:


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Mr.joe said:
Wow those pods are tiny.
Yeah, you're right, Joe. Typical of most wild varieties.
They dry very nicely, and make great additions
to soups, stews, tacos, burritos, whatever. Just
crumble one or a few into what ever you are eating!
These have great flavor, and not as much heat as
a Tepin or Chiltepin.


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The 2020 3-gallon grow will be made up of mostly wild-type peppers:
1.  c. galapagoense F2 - orig. seed from stc3248
2.  Chiltepin F2 / c. annum v. glabriusculum - OW orig. from NMSU
         alt: Bird Aji PI 238061 c. baccatum var. Baccatum- PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga  
3.  c. chacoense F3 - orig. from stc3248 2012
         alt: c. chacoense CAP 1446 - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga
4.  cappuccino chiltepin c. annuum v. glabriusculum - Semillas de Palma
5.  c. chacoense v. Exile - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga
6.  Yellow Jellybean PI 260501 c. chinense - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga
7.  Yellow Pequin c. annuum var. gabriusculum - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga via Smokemaster
8.  Cumari Pollux c. praetermissum  -  Brazil Catch the Bear
9.  CAP 1491 c. eximium - Brazil CaneDog
10. c. lanceolatum 26 chromosome - Central America CaneDog
11. c. cardensaii CGN - Bolivia CaneDog
12. Wiri Wiri c. chinense - Guyana Wiri Wiri via CaneDog
13. CGN 22795 c. praetermissum - Semillas de Palma
14. c. chacoense Putapario Red - Argentina CaneDog
15. Bird Aji PI 238061 c. baccatum var. Baccatum - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga
16. PI 63292201 c. baccatum var. Baccatum - PtMD989 via Bhuter via fiogga via vladan
c. chinense:
17. KS Lemon Starburst c. chinense - catchthebear, lespaulde
18. Papa Dreadie red c. chinense - Devv, spurious cross
19. Orange BJ Chocolate F4 c. chinense - orig. from Georgia Growhead
20. BJ Brown c. chinense - showmedasauce
These will all hit the germinators on Jan or thereabouts.


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The OW Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta de Neyde
is producing lots of flowers. Most drop off.

Having some minor skirmishes with aphids,
so decided to apply some insecticidal soap.
Seen here drying out a little afterwards.


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Dragon49’s BJ x PdN had to be cut back to
get rid of its aphids so they wouldn’t spread
to the new grow. Some wound up on my
Rocotos as it is.
New growth starting:

new growth on the Chiltepin and c. chacoense:

A beautiful image with beautiful plants!
All my plants are in 12 l (~ 3gal) pots and produce very well.
But I didn't have another term of comparison either.


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SineNomine said:
A beautiful image with beautiful plants!
All my plants are in 12 l (~ 3gal) pots and produce very well.
But I didn't have another term of comparison either.
Thanks, SN! Despite hailstorms and brutal heat,
it looks like the peppers are going to make a
Summer of it. I have been amazed at how much
plant can be grown in the smaller pots.


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Absolutely beautiful specimens Paul.
Maybe I need to build a deck. :think: