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PaulG 2023

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C. flexuosom, Monteiro Lobato, Brazil. 2022
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Been quite a couple of months here in PNW.
More to follow when I get a minute. Mostly OWs
on the table at this point.


OW list. I can already see a few of these won't make
it to Spring, but I'll take what comes. I probably will
only start a few plants when I get around to it.

Top picture, back row to front:
Chiltepin Rojo 'Seguin' 2021
Purple Flower c. chacoense 2021
Pequin Rojo 'Chihuahua' 2021
Chiltepin Rojo 2019
c. lanceolatum 2022
Cumari Wild c. annum 2021
Pequin Rojo 'Chihuahua' 2022' volunteer
Red Tepin 2022, 8" clay pot
Tepin 'pshngo' 2022
CAP 524 c. chacoense IPK accession 2022

Chiltepin 2021
c. flexuosum 2022
Dwarf Chiltepin 2022 8"
CGN 22795 c. praetermissum 2022 8" clay pot
CGN 20497 c. cardenasii 2022

Bottom picture:
Purple Flower c. chacoense 2022 volunteer
c. galapagoense 2021
Pequin Rojo 'Uvalde' 2022 purple foliage variant
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Those are some good looking overwinterers!
Thanks, Marc. I hope most make it through the winter!

I like that flower of that variety Paul I take it that it's some wild .
It's pretty cool
Yes, it is, Jason. Pretty cool flowers, in my opinion.

Those some nice ow's a Paul that in the top pic in the back sure is full
Best of luck this season always luck forward to your glog's
Some look pretty good, given the fact they have been
pretty much ignored all winter. Had Covid the first couple
weeks of Dec, then a stroke. Fortunately neither one laid
me up too bad. Just getting my right hand back in shape.

Those plants are looking good. Not a mite in sight 😎

And your garage is way too organized, mess it up a little will ya?

I'm diggin the pvc light stand but that's like an $800 build now with the pvc prices lately :lol:
There are a few aphids lurking. I have a bottle of
insectidal soap spray at the ready! Fortunately,
I put the stand together a bit before the Covid
pandemic hit. Thanks for the kind words, Augustine!


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Wonderfull collection you have there!
Thanks, Jane. I appreciate the kind words.

Glad to see "Paulg '23"! Always a fun ride when you're driving Paul. Looking forward to it!
Thanks, Rick. Glad you are following along!

Looking good Paul 😍
Thanks, Sue, nice to hear from you!

Oh great, another year and another @PaulG glog that'll shame us all with the commentary and details :clap:
Your are way too kind, my friend! Looking forward
to seeing your awesome crosses this season!


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Good luck, Paul, in your 2023 adventure. :dance:
I hope you return to your active presence on this forum soon. 🙂
Thanks for dropping in, Vivian. I hope to get
back in the saddle following this past winter

Here we go again! And what a glog picture, surely caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year.
Thanks, Rasmus. The c. flexuosum had awesome
flowers, all right.