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Pepper and Coriander

Recently I had a lot of peppers to process, mostly moderate hots of several kinds, and some sweets.
The loaner food processor is down, so it;s either chopping by knife, or the 1960s Oster blender.  I went with chopping, to make some fork-snack peppers. 
I stemmed and seeded the peppers, and cut them into rings. I tried to mix colors. I wish I had more green. I also cut some red onion strips, though they blanched white in cooking.

I made a basic water-vinegar-salt brine, but I wanted to add something more. I have some whole coriander seeds, so I put a palm full of them in the brine and ran that through the blender.  This chopped/shredded them. 
I set up a big pot of boiling water, and I heated the brine to a gentle simmer. I blanched the peppers, in batches, for about 45 seconds or so. I packed jars and poured brine to cover. No hot bath.
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After a few days I opened a jar to sample. The heat is maybe 6/10 and the peppers still have some crispness. But dang I really like that strong coriander; I don't think I've even combined those flavors before.
I'm tempted to make a sweet version.


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Given that cilantro is a key constituent of mexican salsa, it's also no wonder that the cilantro seed (coriander) is also good :-)