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Pepper Disease or issue Identification

Second time posting. First off, not to sound like an idiot but how do I upload images from my computer? I see the image button, to upload from url. Can I upload directly from my computer?
I am frustrated trying to determine what is wrong with my peppers. I have around 14 pepper plants. I have them in a row. Two red savina habaneros at the end of the row were the only ones that did not get too tall, they were short and seemed stunted. They started to get yellow leaves with black spots, out of fear that is may be bacterial leaf spot I uprooted and killed the two savinas. One of the two was almost dead. I have a red bell and ghost pepper by the two that is starting to get the same issue.
I am not sure what the problem is exactly, my pictures of my leaves looks like bacterial leaf spot.
I have put a lot of effort into my garden. I have been working on it for months and my peppers previously looked awesome. I am using an organic fertilizer, jobes tomato and vegetable. Most upsetting is my moruga scorpion and carolina reaper which are very healthy, beautiful plants, are starting to seemingly get the same problem.
The reason I don't think I overfertilized is because the same amount of fertizlizer was used per plant. I have plants on the left side mustard hab, peter red, thai red, yummy orange, thai yellow, pumpkin hab, all fine. Now the reaper and moruga has a few leaves with small black spots.
I am just trying to diagnose my problem. Thanks!

I also don't think it is over watering as my soil dries super fast. It has been raining a lot in Michigan in the last week, but within a day it is very dry.
Anyway, I will try to upload pictures again tomorrow. I just could not figure it out.
Not sure about uploading directly from your computer, I am using photobucket. You can use any other picture hosting site. For photobucket you can upload, and have a link near your picture, copy/paste, finish.
I have trouble loading photos too. Try 10 percent H2O2 90 percent water to your soil after you let it dry out. H2o2 is like a antibiotic for plants. I got leaf spot when I watered too much.
Ok so just get regular Hydrogen peroxide? 10 percent that, 90 percent water? Did it correct the problem? I will try to upload through photo bucket.
Ok, here is a link to my photos. I posted two pictures of healthy mustard habs, peter red, yummy orange, thai reds, thai yellow and pumpkin hab.
I took pictures of the diseased red savina I took out of the garden bed. Let me know what you think. Also my red bell which lost 2/3 its leaves, my bhut recently is getting leaf issues. And most upsetting, my reaper and moruga are getting tiny black spots on leaves. Please someome help me diagnose. Is this bacterial leaf spot?
I put a lot of work into my pepper garden. Last year my habaneros, morugas, etc had a ton of flowers and never produced. I seemed to be doing MUCH better this year. I have huge healthy plants. Everything but the two savinas and my red bell are very healthy. I also have some potted cayennes doing great.
I just would like some advice, if my plants of concern reaper, moruga, red bell, bhut will be ok. Thank you everyone.
Upon further inspection, my lone pumkin hab which is by the reaper and moruga has small black dots too.
My question is, does that always mean something bad? Just teeny tiny spots? My soil dries out very fast. It has been rainy lately though.
My plants are full, lush, green and all flowering. I do not want to lose them. Am I overreacting assuming it is bacterial spot of pepper? Sorry I just do not have anyone in person who knows about peppers to ask.

Also I have read that you can use copper anti fungal spray for leaf spot. Is that reccomended or needed in my case?
I would say bacterial leaf spot. Its killed a few of my plants already. Check my glog. Shows similar dark lesions. Its a tough thing to contain and seems like after two weeks im almost containing it.
So what do I do to contain it? Should I move the possibly contaminated ones to pots?
Update, I have 12 pepper plants out there and they all have it. :(
Some just have a few dots and one mustard habanero is getting bad.