pepper obsession

love eating peppers still trying to get a good grow season, I'm hoping this year will get me closer. This year I'm growing Habaneros, Aji lemon drops, Aji Benitos, Zapotec Jalapenos, Poblanos, Zia Pueblos, Pepperoncini and Scotch Bonnets. looking forward to getting some juicy fruit later this season, so I can quit eating these grocery store Habs.
Hi All!
Sounds like a good load !! Hope you have success.
Are you growing organic since you're sick of the grocery store ? Or was it all about the price from the store ?
Yes I'm growing organic. Grocery store Habaneros will give you a little heat but the flavor isn't the same, plucking a nice fresh pod from your plant is simply the best!
Good to hear cneal !
Nothing surprises me more than the amount of people who turn to "Miracle grow" for vegetables, etc.
And I totally get the taste of your own versus the store - but I'll raise you "a dollar":
Even two store bought carrots will taste completely different if one is organic and the other - well, whatever the hell they do to grow mass produced vegetables.... Salt fertilizers ?
The organic will undoubtedly taste so much better. Please, anybody, try this - and let me know if I am wrong either here or anywhere I have posted...
And you are also right on with plucking from your plant. I have learned the hard way, though to use a sharp cut the sever the stem rather than pluck/pull. It makes me crazy to damage the plant or the pepper I'm grabbing ! lol