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Pepper People are the Best

Received this outstanding box of fresh pods from my friend Jamie (romy6) . . . there are no finer chiles in the land.  Many thanks Jamie!

Also received a Gator Box containing these 2 jars of pickled jalapenos (and a few other assorted chiles).   By far and without doubt, Kevin has mastered the art of pickled peppers - the best I've ever had!  Thanks Kevin.
Ok, so I'm WAY overdue on some PPATB posts so I'll try to catch up. First off, thanks to ajijoe! I had talked to him about getting some of his multicolor jalapeño seeds when we met him at bowers, but things didnt work out. Well, when all was said and done this is what he ended up sending out to me :)

I got something similar today  :P
Paul,,your powders are great!   Beautiful colors and great grind!!

White Sweet was the first one I tried,,great flavor and it builds to a nice kick!  :fireball: Then the Naga Bee. I have to say that is some :hot: powder man!
Thanks Paul! Lookin foward to tryin the rest!!
Darthpepper said:
So, hey! Remember this? Well here's what was inside. Thanks Buddy for an awesome package!

Vodka habanero mustard
Naga purée
Pineapple BBQ sauce
Smoked douglah purée
Habanero mustard hot sauce
Smoked yellow 7 pot raspberry jelly


We haven't tried it all yet, but what we have is great. Thank you so much! Anyone who has gotten one of these packages is quite lucky.

Pepper people rock, and Buddy, you are one of the best.
Thank you so much:). I love everything we've tried!! I especially love the vodka habanero mustard and the pineapple BBQ!! Delish!! Thanks again!!!
Romy thought it wasn't warm enough in SoCal.

Got some of that northwest heat as well. Thanks PaulG

Steve in the GA. Hooked it up with some seeds as well.

Always thankful for the pepper folks in here. Y'all sure know how to brighten up a person bad season
It doesn't stop here. Wes hooked it up with some Texas heat!!!


All. These fresh peppers have been shared already with some non growing chiliheads. At work.
Had bid on Bodeen's charity powder auction but missed the winning bid. Received an offer for a similar package if I wanted. Couldn't pass it up as it was for such a great charity. Received my box today, and it was jam packed with amazing looking (and smelling) powders. Thanks Bodeen! And good luck with the charity.

Pepper people rock!
Nice score P-Son!
:dance:  Hops hooked it up fo sho!!
The smell just opening the box today led me right to the Smoked Fatalii first! great smoke on that broham!! smells and tastes awesome!

Tropical Punch is excellent! At first taste it has a pineapple flavor,very sweet,,then the heat builds ALOT!!   :fireball:  This stuff is great Ryan!   :cheers:
Got another box today too  :beer: From my brother from another! 

These green peppers are :mouthonfire: ,,,I have had hotter,,but these are right up there!  A Scorpion taste,,but most notable ,is how long the burn stayed around!!!
These things are badass! Thank you Jamie, you rule brother!  :cool:

Pepper people OWN!
  Ryan is a beast . Love the packages brothers. Kev that green hornet is no slouch. Might me the hottest green pepper out there  :shh:
Got a nice package as well from my brother Brian ( compmodder26) The picture speaks for itself. Pepper people are badazz and the some :fireball:Pecan smoked powders . Oh so tasty. My poor ass is gonna pay  :rofl: