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Pepper Royalty Game

In a facebook forum, Jim Duffy called himself The Pepper King.  Gave me an idea for a game.  The Pepper Royalty Game.  Here are the rules:

Character - Must be someone that someone else knows.  Doesnt have to be a dealer or anything, just someone that is kind of a character or otherwise known.  That way, we are also compiling a list of characters in the pepper community.

Title - I dont know much about royalty.  Just think of Medieval movies.  One title per character.  I got dibs on Court Jester cause I started the game.
In the kingdom of peppers, we have the following Monarchy

Pepper King - Jim Duffy
Court Jester = A.J. Drew

The Hot Pepper

And you moonlight as the Blacksmith.
I'll nominate myself as the Royal Pain in the Ass!
The Town Cryer is the next person that gets a warning. :lol:

The Hot Pepper

Scoville DeVille - Town Drunk (Mead of course)


Extreme Member
The Hot Pepper said:
from now on you are MikeUSMC Hammer :lol:
:rofl: I love this place