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Pepper X

Bicycle808 said:
Have you considered that this sauce, which is purported to be made from a chile that no one has ever seen, that was supposed to secure a record it has never yet earned, that has been the subject of lore for a while yet there are no seeds available-- have you considered it might be made from some other chile?

Maybe a few different chiles, as the color did change dramatically at one point?

Just a thought.
After all, I was SHOCKED to find out that Jack Link didn't even make this jerky from real Yeti meat.
I have no idea but it's good enough that I plan to keep getting it.


Extreme Member

The Neverending Story continues.....

This just in! Anyone shop at the urban farmer?? Seems they have thousands of Pepper X seeds!> Pepper X
Want to make a pile of money? Buy their entire inventory cornering the market, then sell them at 10 bucks each!
Not anymore, Pepper X is no longer listed on the Urban Farmers website. The listing was removed shortly after I placed (against my better judgement.......) an order for two packs of seeds. We'll see how it plays out once I receive my order and get them growing.
Here you go, just mix this in with whatever you make and call it "made with pepper X,Y,Z).
From my understanding its getting to be a popular thing........

The Hot Pepper

Pepper X was the code name for the pepper while in development. Code names are not used when they hit the market. I can't tell you the actual name. You'll have to guess.