I ordered my seeds through Judy after doing quite a bit of searching around. Her selection is excellent, the order shipped quickly and without errors, the prices are reasonable, and included in my order were 3 free gifts of seeds, including the rare Trinidad Scorpion Mourouga. Overall, I was more than happy with my experience and plan on doing future business with In fact, the only quibble I have, and it's a minor one, is that there were some grammatical and spelling errors on the website, which is less than stellar, but I'm not buying the website so I really don't care personally, just thought I'd mention it playing devil's advocate.

Thanks Judy!!
Geonerd said:
You really can't blame the seeds for fungus issue when others have not shared your difficulties.
Peppers are _very_ easy to over-water, and damping fungus is something most have experienced at one time or another.
80% of the noobie "My plants are dying!" posts suggest the person in growing plants in a swamp.
Keep the seedlings in a dry, bright environment, with _just enough_ soil moisture and I promise your problems will vanish.
agree with Geonard !  to easy to overwater , and not introducing fresh air ,  i never had such a problem with JUDY , nor any other Vendors . 
Just got my order from it has to be my 4th or 5th order with her and like always super fast shipping plus LOTS of extras and the seeds packs are WAY overstocked some packs had 30+ seeds or more plus free shipping even to Canada.
Best online vendor of all time!
I should chime in since I placed an order exactly 2 months ago today.  I planted the seeds when I got the soil and all of them look like healthy happy seedlings today.  I just popped them into foxfarm oceanforrest in 4" x 4" containers and watered.  Very strong seeds.  I'll know in a few months how true (minus her PL strains which will have variation) these grow to fruits and the quality of the peppers.  So far I must say they do everything they are supposed to.  (Oh yeah and got freebies with my order, goats horn and some duplicates of others I purchased).  For the record all of the seeds I planted popped. They are:
Cumra Cherry - 1 - 3-4-16 TP3-14-16
Jonah's Yellow Brain - 1 (Unlabled) -3-4-16
Aji Peruvian - 2 - 3-4-16
Hot Tomatos - 2 - 3-4-16
Guatemalan Orange Rocoto - 2 - 3-3-16
Aji Amarillo - 4 - 3-4-16
Tomato Pepper - 2 - 3-4-16
Sulu Adana - 1 - 3-4-16
Aji Cereza - 2   Popped 2-28-16 TP3-14-16
Aji Melocoton - 2 - 3-4-16
Mini Rocoto - 2
Stuffing Scotch Bonnet - 2 - 3-2-16
Yalova Charleston - 2 - 3-4-16
San Isidro Rocoto - 2 - 3-4-16
Karaman - 1 - 3-4-16
Aji Calabaza - 2 - 3-4-16
Goat Horn - 2 - 3-4-16
Did anyone order yellow fatalii? My 7 pots (white and primo), as well as cracked jalapeno and terne dolmasi (sweet) germinated nicely in 10-14 days (I just planted).  I'm waiting on the  yellow fatalii. I cannot tell if I have little tails or I'm imagining it.
pittsburghkid said:
Did anyone order yellow fatalii? My 7 pots (white and primo), as well as cracked jalapeno and terne dolmasi (sweet) germinated nicely in 10-14 days (I just planted).  I'm waiting on the  yellow fatalii. I cannot tell if I have little tails or I'm imagining it.
I did last year.  Great pods!
I can't remember waiting on the seeds, but I'm pretty sure they did germinate at a good rate.  Fatalii, as with many other Chinense seeds, do tend to take while longer...
There's probably not much I can say that hasn't already been said by someone else. But here's my experience: 
I planted seeds from Judy a while back, and given that I live in south Florida, I was concerned that they wouldn't make it. Like a number of other peppers I have planted. The reason is that we seem to have a white fly problem, among other things. And true to form, the white flies showed up at one point I believe. So I basically wrote the plants off as non-producing and left them alone. Meaning I forgot to water them as often as I was, and let the weeds grow in.
This may have been the factor that jolted them into action. For lo and behold, I went out into the yard the other day, and took a closer look at the plants. And wouldn't you know it, I found peppers growing! At first I thought it was only Judy's "Peach Wasp," but I noticed later I may have a "Trinidad Bean" also. Or one of the other varieties that Judy sent me. It should be Trinidad Bean...
So if you are having trouble in Florida, try Judy's Peppers (Pepper Lover.) 
Peach Wasp

Trinidad Bean?
Thanks Judy ... ohh and thanks to Aussie Customs for being slack and letting my seeds through :)
Might want to check your labelling though Judy, pretty sure the 7 Pot White isn't a Capsicum Annuum ;)
The red is already 2 seasons out,I bought a box last season from a rouge source
The other colors Ive only seen pics of.
Really isnt a must have as its like all the other over rated supers,getting your face blown off by a new name strain that doesnt taste any better then either or sources of the cross pheno is ridiculous.
Is all you need to know for sourcing super strain pod/seed
The rest is all marketing for grower profit
Is what it is . . . . . .
Noah Yates said:
I check the website 2x a day awaiting restock!!! Cannot wait to purchase the lava!!!  Does anyone know when they will be released?!