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That's just awesome! congrats on ya new cam!
Always wanted a proper cam... never really had one. :(
My last actual cam was a cheap $10 film one. since then been using cellphones. I think a $300(!) cam is a REAL one. :lol:
SD.. That picture is MONEY.
3rd shot or not that thing is a beauty!
You reminded me my new camera can shoot those too I think.. I need to test drive it!
Keep em coming dude!
LOL Omri, when I was shopping, I miss-clicked a couple times and ended up in the $6,500 camera department... NOOOOO way!
Yeah, those are quite impressive. although I think I'd prefer a new car over a new cam. :lol:
I don't need much, just a proper one. if I can manage with my cheap cellphone, I think a proper cam would be magic. :P

I had a real camera once. A Canon digi slr.
I sold it, it maded me sad. :cry:


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pics, resolutions, WHATEVER! I'm gonna figure out exactly where that shot was taken!


ps- looking forward to more gratuitous food porn pics


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edit- hubby's sleeping-

ChickenTaco RD!
I know Omri. Needed the cash at the time.
Canon 3D. Real nice 8mp. I wonder if the buyee still has it...
I know Omri. Needed the cash at the time.
Canon 3D. Real nice 8mp. I wonder if the buyee still has it...
In the good ol' days a man would just go into prostitution or sell a kidney... not something he'll regret later like selling his cam. :rofl:

Just kidding, brother. I'm sure you'll have a better cam in no time. :cheers:
I have my Xperia 8.1 (phone cam) it does alright but yeah wouldn't mind another real one.
Ya wanna know how much i paid for my last one? :hell:
I get my girl for free, well she doesn't give me an invoice anyway!

The cam bro, i paid 150 for it AU. Sold it for 150 so nadda lost. I know a few people that have more money than sense. :lol:
1800 clam cam mind you!


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Wolf Creek looking right up The Rendezvous.
well, sheesh! you made that easy!

Wolf Creek was my next guess, just didn't think they had gravel roads out there any more unless it's a driveway.

WHATEVER! It's a great camera- :woohoo: