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Pick The Number And Win!

42, and THANKS !
I just saw that 42 was guessed earlier, so if it's alright, I change my guess to 17. Sorry! I read too fast through the guesses.


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nate6279 said:
I have some peppers and a bottle of LDHS orange to give away so I thought I would do a little contest to give back to this community since I have won many things here. Pick a number 1-120 without going over. One guess per member. Game ends 8/25/14 at 6:00pm PST. US only. I will announce the winner tomorrow evening. Sorry there are no pics but there will be some of these... huge red brainstrains, red moruga, black pearl, ghosts, 7 pot.
WOW! I just noticed the end date for this game. I meant for the game to end today and not yesterday. Sorry about that and sorry to Rymerpt who thought the game was over. My Bad.
Glad you got it. There were some peppers I wanted to put in there but I noticed there were holes in them so they were tossed.