greenhouse placing some peppers in greenhouse

To make more space for my tomatoes indoors, I'm going to place several peppers in the greenhouse.
Which peppers are the most resistant against cold night temperatures? It's between 3 and 8 °C at night in the coming weeks. Am I right to think paprika (big sweet) are the hardiest?
And can it help to give extra kelp or extra potash (patentkali)?
id say at 8c with a greenhouse you should be ok thats around 45f but in a greenhouse it should be little warmer maybe 50.. but i wouldnt start to harden off and stick outside if its below 8c you might kill them.
oink, even in summer night tempperature can drop bellow 8°C.
I don't harden my peppers before they go to the greenhouse.
you dont? they dont get damaged or anything?
40+ once the plant is big enough at night are fine temps but below that for more than a few days can kill them.. 3c is kind of low
I'm close to you in the UK, I think we have similar climate :)
I've been putting my peppers out in the greenhouse in the day but bringing them back in at night, but I am testing leaving one or two in there overnight and so far they seem OK. Temps have gone down to about 3C here last week but normally more like 6-7C by now. 
Maybe next week I will leave them all inside, let me know how it works for you and it will help me decide ;)
I'm not sure which are most hardy but my gut feeling is anuum is more hardy than chinense - maybe someone with experience can tell us, this is my first year with a greenhouse! :)
I've put some pepino's in the greenhouse(2 weeks ago) and they are doing well so I have good hope for my peppers:)
Paprika are strong growers, that's why I think/hope they will be able to handle cold nights.
We've had an extremely warm winter in Belgium, only a couple nights of 0°C, but no real frost..
you dont? they dont get damaged or anything?
No, if it doesn't freeze, they survive nicely, as long as they don't get to much water.
Honestly I would wait till the end of the month.
The lowest we had here in the last 4 months were around 3-4 and most of peppers left outside died.

Not to mention, exactly one year ago it snowed here and it went to close to 0 degrees...hopefully not the case this year :pray:
I'd be careful putting peppers outside this early, just make sure to check the weather forecast the coming weeks. If you're looking for plants that can take a little more cold (and grow during them) try looking into rocoto/manzano peppers.
I've put all my overwinters out in the last few days. They don't look too happy with the high winds I'm getting, but I think they will make it. They are getting pruned by the high winds as I type...leaves turning to green mush and branches getting cut clean off :(
Didn't get my younglings out (what I planted this year), but am just contemplating putting the pubescens out. These are supposed to live in colder climates, right?