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Plants In Bad Shape - Any Suggestions!

I'll give a rough timeline of the events that led us here, the plants were initially all doing awesome and the leaves were so thick they were hard to water, now the plants have hardly any leaves left and are in worse shape than when these pictures were taken. Plants are kept outdoors during the day and brought into the garage at night and sometimes I'll put them under lights to get a few extra hours of light on them.
  • Initially fed plants only with Miracle Grow granulated tomato fertalizer (9-4-12), the kind that 'lasts 4 months.' I know this stuff isn't great but in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan I had trouble finding any alternatives and ordering online seemed really costly.
  • Last two weeks in July started noticing some leafs curling/deforming, thought it was possibly a calcium deficiency, got some 2-14-0 bone meal with 25% calcium and added a tablespoon to all my plants.
  • Plants started getting much worse and leaves started dropping, noticed aphids on my plants and started treating them with an insecticidal soap spray.
  • One plant that hadn't shown any growth started to finally grow and get some leaves after adding the bone meal, since it helped I added another tablespoon to all the plants.
  • Leaves continued to drop, more aphids, leaves also getting black discoloration (aphid residue?) and brown spots, some plants very few leaves.
  • Reddit's hotpepper sub suggested they might be water logged. Some were in 5 gallon pails already so I didn't transplant them, but moved the ones in smaller pots to 5's, soil was bone dry at the top and moist near the bottom, but not sodden. Haven't changed watering pattern at all since I got them in May, it's possible the ones in the big pots are water logged but I've dug down pretty far along the sides and it doesn't seem to be that way. (Reddit people were awesomely helpful and suggested I try here!)
  • Almost have the aphids under control after switching to teaspoon of dawn in spray bottle of water.
That's pretty much where I am now, leaf dropping has slowed but some plants have very few leaves left. The new leaves that are forming on the plants often already have black tips when they're tiny and are looking deformed. Lots of the ends where it looks like new leafs should form look all brown/black and burnt almost.
Not really sure what steps I should take to try and save my plants at this time. Hoping someone here might be able to provide some help! Sorry for the long post, I can definitely provide more detailed pictures if anyone things it might help.
Thanks for anyone that took the time to read this!
If they were my plants, I would definitely get rid of the aphids and other bugs first.  I would spray them down with a copper fungicide for preventative maintenance and let the soil dry out. Take them out of the direct hot sun and watch them.  I would then fertilize with fish fertilizer and magnesium sulfate.