"Plus tard ne rien...I'm not dead ye...." 2021 Pepper Gloginsummary'

Hello, Cappers.
It's been a year a and a most of a pepper season since we moved to our new garden site. So I've been somewhat busy re-building.
Pepper seeds don't last forever, but I have 138 pepper seed lots going back 8 years maybe. So. what to do to get a jumpstart?

A few did sprout last year; Inca Red Drop, Cabe Merah Panjang, and a 7 Pot Barrockpore that I thought I'd try to overwinter.
The Panjang and 7 Pot B I left in the garage grow-shelves and they did OK until early spring when aphids ATE THEM MERCILESSLY down to a stem and few leaf buds.
The Inca got front row in the living room windows and produced by spring one ripe pepper (who's 4 seeds sprouted!).
I did receive a treasure chest from Sawyer of Papa Dreadie and Sulu Adana seed, that I made sure worked, but my young plants were far, far from spectacular.
I got a few others to sprout, but I consoled my mostly bad pepper rearing this year by getting common plants from a local fruit stand/greenhouse; 6-Red Habs, 12-Jalas, 2-Cali Wonders, 1- Shishito, and even a Carolina Reaper.
Also my buddy in Richmond who grows hundreds of peppers (and a thousand or so tomatoes) hooked me up with a Red Bhut and something that turned out to be a Fish pepper. He had an off year too, and didn't have a great sprouting year either.

By this spring, I only had about a fourth of the garden in proper beds and the peppers got planted in inverted raised beds :P
I dug 6-8" down (which had been scraped to clean subsoil) and piled up the clay as an edge to the bed space. So they were raised a little I guess.
Then I filled with purchased leaf compost and mixed in some very rich topsoil that came from an old feed lot that was on the property years and years ago.
So by the end of Mayish, I had in the ground:
6+2 -Papa Dreadie
1-Red Bhut
1-Carolina Reaper
2-Beaver Dam
2-Jimmy Nardello
2-Ancient Sweet
1-Fish Pepper
12 - Jalapenos
6 - Red Habaneros
2 - California Wonders
2 - Sulu Adana
1 - Shishito
1 - Cabe Merah Panjang
1 - 7 Pot Barrackpore

I planted the mother Inca Red Drop in a pot, as a porch pepper

It was a new spot and no matter how good the ingredients, it takes some time to make "soil magic".
Most of the plant-out finally transitioned but it seemed like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

I'll get some pictures out and another installment, but here is mother Inca today.


Thanks for reading.


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....picked the biggest Red Bhut I think I've ever grown...17g

Speaking of birthweight, I'm going to be a grandpa again in early Nov; fifth grandchild and first grandson.
:welcome: Owen Jack.
Hey @JJJessee that bhut belongs in the gnarly pepper thread!

Blessings on your family and new grandson.
You are a lucky man!
Thanks, all.
No news on the grandbaby side yet, but the time draweth nigh.

Pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, and rye dominate my daily agendas.

'penos accomplished

IMG_1234 (2).jpg

I thought there would be a few more by now -from 11 plants. This is the second picking and a fair amount of greenies still hanging. I'm gonna grow my own Jal plants next year from a named variety.

De-seeded and onto the smoker(grill in my case).
IMG_1235 (2).jpg

This picking stuffed 2 quart jars of unground chilis.

IMG_1272 (2).jpg
It's all good so sez the Chipolte man.

Picked my main hang of Ghosts and Bonnets and also pulled the Orange Hab plants whole.
I dried the Ghost whole, split 'em but didn't gut 'em
Still a lot hanging that won't ripen, though with nothing forecast below the high 40Fs for the next couple of weeks I wonder.
Lettuce is gonna love it.

The Papa Dreadies are a great pepper. Haven't decided how to process them, other than eating a fresh one or two everyday.
Eating is a process.

The Habs got the royal treatment -skewed and grilled.

This is not all of them.

Most are in the dryer now, but I froze 4 fingers worth in a quart bag for some sauce making.

And that leaves the Reapers and my F1 Bastard. The fruit is hanging well this year. The tomato plants and brassicas are trapping all the pests.

One last pepper....
An Ancient Sweet.

IMG_1311 (2).jpg

IMG_1313 (3).jpg

A good, solid sweet. Weighed in at about 6 oz. But I only get about one per plant. I know this pepper can do better.
It must be a witch's curse -only logical explaination. I think I got my original seeds from @Jameson years ago. Soil was my issue this year and it's a long time pepper, I should start with bigger plants maybe.

I've dusted off and been re-reading the In The Garden (aka Ganga Girl) thread on making potting soil over at GrassCity.com and all ready have a one cubic foot batch cycling for 2022. I've just been sloppy my last few batches but I'm gonna get that train back on track before seeds hit the ground in December (for a Manzano maybe?). This phenotype seems a bit too blocky from internet photos I've compared, but this is a good pepper. I may do some F1 Carmens from Johnnys and Sulu Adanas for 2022 sweets -give them their own 22' bed even.

Thanks for reading
Lovely box of Jals and that chipotle smoked flavor just love it,a great grow with Some great peppers.
The Ancient mm don't think it is my brother,myself and a few others have grown it over the years and always had poor growth there's many more variety's that are better producers and indeed as good if not better flavors.A great grow put to tasty use.


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Nice haul J! Love the smoked jalapenos. What wood did you use and how long do you smoke 'em?


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You are finishing out the season in style, Carl!
The fresh picked pods look great, and the smoked
jalapeños are very tempting. I didn't smoke any peppers
this season. Will have to remedy that next year!

Enjoy the off-season with the new grand, my friend!