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For the last couple of dinners either the grill or oven was already on, so, poppers:


Wind harvested me some aji Amarillo and a aji rojo, so I thought, why not. Just using some stuff I had lying around.
Adobo seasoning
Cream cheese
Provalone cheese - for a topping strip
Elk polish sausage
Worst. sauce

Halve `em, scrape `em, spoon on a dollop of the above mixed ingredients. Ovenize for about 1/2 hour.

You get something like this:

Well, pretty much what you'd expect. Decent poppers, especially for unripe peps. I was hoping that this rojo would have some heat, but alas, looks like it will be a straight up bell type.

And for some poorer quality pics from the previous evening:


Harvested my first Arequipa Giant pube that was large enough to fill with something. A big thanks to CaneDog for my start of this big girl. More peps are on the way, but never having a mature one before, I wanted to do a tester of this new to me variety. So, I went with a popper relleno type thing. Dice and fry some pepper bacon. Add in a little onion. Cool, whip up into a little cream cheese and diced provalone. Cut the top off of the pepper and harvest those beautiful black seeds. Cram the cheesy mixture into the pep, then put the hat back on.


Placed in a glass dish and onto the top grill rack for about 1/2 an hour at about 350.


A little burnt cheese, but the pep was not.
I had to share with my son. But, the reviews were the same. Nom nom nom. A little heat, but a bit less than I expected. Maybe due to the cream cheese. Will do this again with some more authentic cheese.


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I think I've created a monster. My wife now wants to do these all the time. 
- Red and green japs
- Cream cheese
- Chedar and colby jack mix
- cumin
- Worcestershire sauce
- salt & pepper
- bacon
On the grill would be better but I was feeling lazy so just stuck them in the oven.
Had to much time to think...

Aji SpAmarillo poppers.


Aji Amarillo
Tillamook Colby Jack chez
Sweet sticky rice
Shredded Spam

Mix up the spam, chez, and rice.

Spoon into in a halved aji amarill. On a cookie sheet for 20 or so minutes on a 350 grill.

I also used a couple of aji rojo that had almost turned redhue5cr

Well, fell asleep while posting.
So to finish up.

I should have plated it up pre-photo. Probably would not have made a difference.


Definitely not a thing of beauty, but the taste was really good. Plus a first time for the kids to have spam. I sliced the remainder and grilled it too. They actually liked it.