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recipe Post your hot sauce recipes

I searched and didn't see a thread about just posting recipes. I'll continue to add ones I've made here.

I also made Pex's Atomic Purple, but not going to post as it didn't seem right.

415g Smoked Poblanos and Jalapenos - skins and seeds removed (as much as I could)
185g Vinegar
62g Lime Juice
26g Garlic
4g Cumin
20g Cilantro
3g Salt

I tried to knock-off a sauce that shall not be named to protect the innocent. I was hoping for a little darker color, but it's pretty good. Made ten 5oz woozys.

415g white vinegar
339g banana
320g tomatoes
120g water
105g fermented reapers
90g carrots
88g white onion
81g agave nectar
81g lime juice
43g garlic
4g pink himalayan salt


Tomorrow I'm going to try and knock off Tahoma Bahamian Goat Hot Sauce. I've never had it but it's the only hot sauce I've found that you can buy that has goats in it. Recipe and picture will be posted.

The Hot Pepper

Not sure what sauce that was supposed to be but you'd probably like Dirty Dick's.

415g water
216g apple cider vinegar
200g white vinegar
211g red bell pepper
227g orange bell pepper
165g fermented bahamian goats
100g shallots
83g lime juice
40g agave nectar
6g pink Himalayan pink salt
4g cumin
Smidgen of flavor enhancer

Made this just today. Tastes amazing and only used one single pepper (a super hot) to make it. Made just over 2 metric cups so strictly a small batch recipe this one.... can double or triple everything for larger batch size accordingly.... Either way it's a fairly simple recipe that works surprisingly well.

1 Ripe Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, deseeded and sliced thinly.
2 Red Capsicums (or bell peppers), sliced into small pieces.
Half a brown onion, sliced thinly
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1/4 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1/4 cup of Maple syrup (pure 100% canadian, NOT the artificially flavored rubbish)
3/4 Water

1. Heat frypan with a little oil on medium to high heat and fry onions and capsicums until quite soft, ensuring they don't burn.
2. Add garlic and chilli and stir in thoroughly for a couple minutes (do be careful with this step as the fumes from the chilli can be extremely overpowering).
3. Transfer pan ingredients into a blender and add all remaining ingredients.
4. Blend until everything is well combined. (A nutri bullet is extremely good for this).
5. Strain through a sieve for a smooth sauce, if a little chunky is what you're after skip this step.
6. Funnel sauce into sterilised bottles or if you want to thicken your sauce a bit, first pour it into a pot and simmer until desired thickness is reached.

I'm going to use this exact recipe again but with a Carolina Reaper once i've got a ripe one to pick =)


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