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So I THOUGHT I had my pricing figured out from previous research, but I did a little more looking around today and I think I may have my price point set way too low. Especially since right now I have exclusively small packages (there's a very solid trend in that - 1/4oz is a LOT more per ounce than 4 oz). I'm thinking of raising my price point but I don't want to set it so high I scare people off!

I've searched the forums. Found a few on fresh, not much on dry. Looked through the ads as many of the other threads suggested. Also, not much current - and I'm looking at the prices I see on various spice merchants and even Amazon as of today.

Any advice? Also, feel free to PM.
Dry to fresh ratio is probably around 10:1 so multiply the fresh price by 10. You also want to consider the handling time (drying, powdering & packaging) so you have to determine what you think will cover your labour. If you muliply the powder price you just calculated by 1.3-1.5 (for example) it should cover your time and allow you to make some profit I suppose.
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That, plus you need to figure out if you are going to be a budget product (priced below your competition), a middle product (in line with other products and pricing), or a premium product (better quality while offering something different and priced accordingly).
Pricing for dry dragon's breath, reapers, ghost, habanero, serrano. Cayenne looks like it may be too common. Have some dry anaheims I was thinking of selling off too.

The 10:1 could work for those that are available fresh. No local comparisons available in any form for the superhots, only online. And even then not much that I could find. Looking at Amazon I'm seeing prices as high as $2/pepper for whole dry reapers - that seems a bit on the high side to me, but then, I don't really buy peppers...

(And I'm not sure that matches up with the pricing for flake or powder)

I don't know that I have much to offer as a "premium" other than being local and offering stuff that's not generally available in the area. But I'm definitely not going for bargain basement!

6 months ago I was pretty sure I had my prices worked out doing a similar comparison, but things appear to have gone a bit wild since then, and it seems like there's rather less consistency currently.