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seeds Problem with Fatali seedling growth

Hey guys...
I've been lurking for awhile, but this is my first post. I've dug around quite a bit, not only on this forum but elsewhere on the net as well, but I'm still new at all of this so I'm not really sure what to look for at this point. Also, I'm really hesitant to follow through with some of what I've run across as there seems to be a lot of contradictory info out there.  
So I decided to start a garden this year with a majority of my plants being peppers. I've never grown anything before so i'm kind of learning as I go along. 
I initially started a few different types of peppers and a few other vegetables in a standard sterile seed starting mix, in containers with good drainage, inside.
Only a few of my plants have germinated so far; 
After a few weeks, the sweet peppers and tomatillo's are growing insanely well (and fast). M squash is popping up quickly too.The Fatali sprouted quickly and developed its first set of true leaves after a little over a week or so, but now it seems like it's growth has slowed dramatically. This is my first time with peppers so I'm not quite sure if there's something wrong or this is just normal for this particular pepper. It IS still growing (I see the next set slowly forming) and it's still pretty green (although the coty's aren't as vibrant as the true leaves, and may even be SLIGHTLY pale). I noticed this morning some very faint black spotting on the bottom of the coty's...and only at the tips. 
I also had a habanero sprout around the same time as the Fatali, but it didn't make it. With everything else growing so well but there being several potential issues with the peppers, I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do. Everything I've researched hasn't really shed a light on any of the issues. 
I just started some Jamaican Hot Chocolates, Lemon Habanero's, more Fatali's, and  few others and I'm hoping to figure out what's going on before these germinate and I possibly lose more plants.
After germination, I move the seedlings to a foil lined fish tank with a 6500k CFL lamp running 24/7, about an inch or two above the containers. I use one Spot fixture per every few containers, but so far have only enough plants to need one fixture so far.
Sorry if this has been addressed before on here. If it has, I haven't been able to run across anything.
I'm certainly excited about my garden and looking forward to being an active member of the forum!
Any help would be appreciated. :)
Hi, welcome to THP!
C. chinense can take as many as 4 weeks to germinate.  I've had very good success rates this year germinating Fataliis, many of my first batch of them germed and started forming adult leaves within about two weeks.  I'm not sure what could have stunted their growth rate but maybe it's time to add some 1/4 strength nutes when you feed them.  This is only my second year growing supers and I'm sure someone could give you a better answer.  My Fataliis also have some black on the cotyledons, I usually just dismiss is as a sun tan or anthocyanins, neither is harmful unless you have a serious nitrogen deficiency.  If it's spotty it could be something else.
Good luck with your grow, you'll find a lot of helpful pepperheads here!