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recipe-help Pulling Pickled Chiles out of Storage for Hot Sauce

Hey, Chileheads . . .
My partner and I pickled a number of our extra chiles in Aug 2019 and they've been sitting in the pantry since then (see photo below.)   After 15 months, I'd like to actually do something with them.   A hot sauce seems the most reasonable option.   I have no idea how to start and which of the chiles we should be combining to make the best flavored sauce.   I hesitate to just dump everything into the mix.   When we canned them, we threw a couple of sliced garlic cloves into each jar along with some black peppercorns and coriander seed.   I'd love to get input from you seasoned sauce makers about the following:
1)  Which combo of peppers would you suggest from the ones we canned?   We've got 5 jars:   Yellow Fatalii; Aji Mango; Death Spiral & Kraken; Carolina Reaper & Red Trinidad Moruga Scorpion; and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia & Black Naga.
2)  Would you process the garlic cloves into the final sauce?   How about the peppercorns and coriander?
3)  What should the ratio be of pureed chiles to vinegar to get a sauce with a decent consistency?
4)  Once we've made our sauce, does it need to be re-processed after it's put into bottles?   If so, how?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you're willing to offer.
I suggest reading through the pinned posts in the hot sauce making section. Quality information needed to put your own recipes together is there. Making hot sauces is quite an art but it isn't all too difficult.