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chinense Purple Bhut...A Phantom?

I was looking for Google images of this pepper, and came upon thepepperseed.com. There, it is claimed, this pepper does not exist. It does not have bhut heat, shape or size, and ripens to red. This is the claim. I have one such plant growing, and am looking for opinions here from others who are/have grown this plant.


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I have two of these plants started from seed from PepperLover. No pods yet as the plants are not too large yet.
I does ripen to red at the final stage
however it does have bhut shape I don't know about the heat I grew them but never tried them
Datil said:
It's probably a chinense x annuum cross, it 'exists' like many hybrids:


It ripens to red with less heat than a regular bhut.


I agree, good all around eating Pod, beautiful plants.....I'll dig up some pics for you.

The foliage is darker on younger plants...

Preplant out

Podding up....

Notice the flowers ....chinense dominant 
The heat is a creeping, like the 7's.....but milder- say 6.5-7 on a 10 scale.Funny thing about heat-you'll hear lots of "heat scoffing" on line....but in person, when you go" here ya are" with a pod, and "they" try one of these , the tears will flow. Definately worth a shot in the garden....Pepper Lover has seeds as well.