baccatum Rainforest - a rare C.baccatum variety

This is a very uncommon variety of C.baccatum. Many thanks to both Travis Oliver for growing them and Shawn Pepperproblem for finding the seeds!
A very cool-looking baccatum pod that had everything you could ever want from a variety of C.baccatum. The aroma is sweet and fruity, with a hint of ripe tomato. Initially the flavor is nice and sweet, fruity and then that lovely baccatum-y flavour hits, but is extremely clean and delicious. 
The heat hits almost right away and is quite warm for a baccatum variety, probably well over cayenne-hot. It`s that great middle-of-the-mouth baccatum heat and is enough to make you take notice!
It would rate in my top 3 all-time baccatum varieties!!!
Well done Nigel, will have to sow some of these also... Received a pack of seeds from Peter labeled aji rainforest so im guessing its the same as the one that you just reviewed
thanks for the review Nigel.  That was great!  These have the most interesting placenta.  I discovered this view while cleaning them.  


Also ran a batch of them through the smoker. Looking forward to trying those. 

Thanks again!!!!!
great review again as usual!!
I have been trying with no avail to get good seed for this one for two years in a row and both time they turned out to be something else :rolleyes:
thanks again nigel  cant wait to get good seed for this one I will definably be making room for this one
your friend Joe
Dammit, Nigel, here we go again - shakin' up my grow lit!
Smokemaster sent me Rain Forest seed last summer.  All I really needed was that last little nudge to get me to move them on over to the grow list.  Looks like that's a done deal now(thanks again Mike)!