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Raja Mirch

Anyone grown the Raja Mirch?

It's a C. Chinense from India similar to the Bhuts, I found it on the Semillas La Palmas website and it caught my eye.

'This is another relative of Naga Morich with origin India. The irregulary wrinklet and rough pods give off a sweet fruity smell, when cut open. Very hot, Capsicum chinense'

It's near the bottom of the chinense range.
Same as Naga King (Raja=King in indian). Depending on the source you will probably find small variations.
Hard to find two identical bhuts/nagas nowadays.

"History of Naga King Chilli-

The Naga King Chilli, locally known as the Chudi Chilli and commonly known as the Naga Mircha or Raja Mircha - meaning King of Chillies is indigenous to the Nagas and has been a part of their lifestyle since time immemorial. Farmers in Naga Chilly growing areas of Nagaland have been engaged in the cultivation of Raja Chilli since the time of their forefathers and this has been and still is one of their chief sources of income and livelihood.

It had long been associated with the Naga community in all Naga inhabited areas as a staple culinary item & hence is intrinsically linked to the Nagas"

Great article thanks! @ Datil
Like all landraces (see i.e. the broad range of varieties from Trinidad/Tobago)
King Naga and Raja Mirch are similar, but not identical.