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I thought we needed this thread to post things that don't really belong in other threads and sometimes I don't feel like stating a new thread for a random post.
Here's the kinda thing I'm talking about.
I don't understand people sometimes....
I'm selling pecans on everyone's favorite auction site, this is the first time selling so I had to watch a few videos and learn about all the fees and process. Easy enough so I make my first post.

Something I didn't know was that if you offer a "Buy it now" price and someone bids on it, the "Buy it now" option is gone and it turns into a regular auction.

I'm selling 10lbs starting with a $22.00 bid and a "Buy it now" price of $35.00 with free shipping. It didn't start at $35 for the first auction, it was a "Buy it now" for $24 but it sold for $39 and I had to raise the price since people are willing to pay that.

Twice now the bid is higher than the original "Buy it now" price.

I don't understand if you want it why would you not just click "Buy it now" and the sale is done instead of watching and bidding on it for 5 days hoping you're the highest bidder.

Maybe bidding is like gambling to some people and they play to win regardless of price.

What ever it is, I'll take it. I never thought I could sell 10lbs of pecans in the shell for $40.00. 

Here's another thing that blows me away.

I started playing around making wine and needed a one gallon glass jar to use for the first ferment, I don't even need the lid for this.
All of the summer items are gone and I couldn't even find a glass jar they sell to make sun tea so I checked stores and found some ball jars for $25.00 and any other jar that big was also too much money.

So I decide to check the supermarket and found pickles for $5.48 in a one gallon jar. 

So I dumped out the pickles and have a jar to use. I was debating what to do with the pickles but after tasting one the decision was easy, in the trash they went.

Mt. Olive pickles are nasty, the pickles are soft and even the juice was terrible. 

The food companies must get a super volume discount on jars if it's cheaper to buy a one gallon jar of food than an empty one gallon jar.


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Great idea & thread...
If you need help navigating FeeBay post it here. The first thing I recommend is having a a selling account & a buying account, not one for both... Take my word for it - don't.... not many people know you can have as many accounts as you want.... but if one is suspended - all are suspended...
eBay has changed dramatically since it's heyday, mid '90s through 2010 era, and navigating the best direction for a seller or buyer to take is difficult. Sellers have been pinned to the wall with eBay's "customer is ALWAYS right" policy and the traditional local sellers have fled in mass to be replaced with overseas sellers offering items for 1 dollar jewlery on eBay.
Post it here if you have specific questions.. 
Check this out, I found it today bought some to try.