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recipe-help Raspberry Reaper

Made a raspberry and red jalapeno sauce the other day. Super mild and very sweet for more of a meat glaze than a hot sauce. So i got to thinking.

About how many reapers would be needed for a couple 6oz packs of seedless red raspberries for a mid heat level sauce? Im guessing no more than 2 per 6oz of berries?

12oz of raspberries
3 Reapers...they are rather large this year and brutally hot
About a half to 3/4 cup of vinegar
Sugar to taste....really want a noticeable sweetness
Dash of chipotle powder
This is right up my alley. I make a lot of sweet sauces. Just finished a strawberry kiwi. Did a cherry dragon fruit last week.

I use 3 supers per liter (roughly) of sauce to get a decent burn. Won't kill most people but you surely know it's there. This is also dependent upon the pepper as well. 33g of scorpion will usually pack more of a whollop than 33g of bhut.

I'll use 20-25 oz of fruit per sauce though.

If you want a noticeable sweetness use definitely use sugar, Don't rely on the sugar the fruit provides. I prefer brown sugar/turbinado/dememara. Start out smaller because you can always add more.

I usually add other peppers for bulk. I also add onions and garlic to round out the flavor while still remaining predominantly fruit heavy. So the sauce is balanced.

Try roasting some ingredients. Or sauteing some ingredients. I have a pineapple sauce where I roast and char carrots, onions and garlic that bring a different OOMPH to your tongue.

Play around with it and have fun.
I have ripe Antep Aci Dolma for added pepper flavor without much additional heat. I did a ripe jalapeno the other day with 4 ghosts which turned out about perfect. I did a Numex Suave red and Caribbean red habanero too. Both are not too mild but most people could handle them if they like hot sauce.

My ghosts this year are really hot again. I thought last year was a fluke. I get super nice large seedlings locally for about $6 and they are much larger than any online vendor offers. 2 years in a row they have cranked out nice large pods. I got a Trinidad Moruga this year from the same market and vendor. It too is freakishly hot. Reaper from the same place also. The pods are a bit larger than other years but its in some of my best raised bed mix instead of grow bags.

I just loaded up 2 trays in the dehydrator with the Morugas and the fumes are pretty brutal :D
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