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issue Reaper and Scorpion plants wilting

Hey everyone, I'm having issues with 2 of my plants. I transplanted them two weeks ago and since then they've gotten to this state (the Scorpion has also dropped a couple of its lower leaves). When I had them inside they were both doing really well. Also since they've been outside l've had them in mostly shade to help them acclimate to the outdoors. I moved them into the sun today for a few hours and the Reaper really started to droop (already was before but got noticeably worse).My 4 other peppers are strong so l'm not sure why these two are struggling. Any help is much appreciated!

Soil and fert info: Mix of happy frog and ocean forest, used Alaska fish fert after transplant, used myco and sprinkled some bone meal on the roots when transplanting.

Container size: 5 gal

Location: Colorado


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I have used this trick to protect my transplants & when high heat & stress can hurt the plants. It has worked so well for many years
even our summer squash did not wilt even in the hottest weather.

Different varieties and different individual plants within varieties will react differently to conditions. If you transplanted them and simultaneously moved them outside rather than hardening them off first and then transplanting them (or vice versa), that would cause greater stress even if you put them into full shade. The stress will slow development including "rooting-in" development. They look like they're having transpiration issues, which would be consistent with that so perhaps that's what's going on. A product like Marturo indicates would likely reduce the transplant shock of as would separating the timing of transplanting from moving outside. They should be fine. I'd suggest introducing them to direct sunlight more slowly than the ones doing better so they can better make adjustments.