chinense Reaper x Moruga Scorpion

I got these and figured they would be a hotter version of the BTR. Butch T's are a lot more flavorful and apparently a much better choice in using Scorpions in crosses.
To see how others view the cross. Everyone has different tastes but I definitely feel Morugas aren't as good as Butch T's, probably due to heat being prioritized over flavor.
Butch T x Carolina Reaper

They're delicious. I like them fresh but have learned not to eat them on an empty stomach.
I'm not sure. Why aren't chocolate Carolina Reapers called CCR? They could grow them up around the bend.
It's bc Ed will threaten litigation of you use both "Carolina" and "Reaper" to describe anything you're selling. Also, the pretense surrounding Reapers originating in Carolina is beyond ridiculous.
Seems weird to copyright a fruit.

As for the Carolina part, I gotta admit that I'm amused with the hottest (on record) pepper being from America. Though you didn't see Steve Mclaurin showing state pride when he named the Chocolate Bhutlah..