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hot-sauce Recommended top 5 sauces

This will, of course, be a highly contentious thread....everyone has their likes and dislikes....
I"m sure there are many like myself who go out and buy a hot sauce based on what's on the label and we've all been burned by the "this will make your tongue fall out" on the label of a mild sauce. As a hobby, I I try to buy hot sauces every place we travel...not the tourist ones, I find a supermarket and buy what the "natives" buy.
I'm looking for any sort of consensus on the top 5 sauces to buy to try differing flavor/spice profiles.  I'd like to eliminate those that will cause a hospital visit...Personally, I like hot, but even I have a limit. I wonder if there are some standard categories.  I'm open to suggestions.  Certainly one would be "hot but fruity", another might be mustard based; another asian (but that gets sticky since tastes vary so much by country).
Let me be the first to eliminate Tabasco....I think almost everyone on the planet has tried it already.  Again, from my perspective, it would be mildest sauce in my mix.
Which 5 should I purchase as a sample of "the best of the best"
The Last Dab is great when available, though it tastes more like a cocktail sauce than a hot sauce. It's the best way to heat up a bowl of spaghetti!

It's $20 for a 5oz bottle.

Buffalo Wild Wings' Blazin' sauce is ghost pepper based, tastes good and is only $5 for a 12oz bottle.
I really like Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498 and Lucky Dog's Black Label sauces. 1498 is the warmer of the two.
Anything by Lucky Dog is good. His sauces are more about flavor profiles than intense heat. 
ghstudio said:
 I'm open to suggestions.  Certainly one would be "hot but fruity", another might be mustard based; another asian (but that gets sticky since tastes vary so much by country).
Hot but fruity: HBD 1498
Mustard based: Lucky Dog's Brown Label
Asian: Lucky Dog's Year of the Dog

The Hot Pepper

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont has some killer sauces. A bunch of flavors too. I recommend:

Maple Wood Smoked Onion Hot Sauce
Maple Sugar Shack Sriracha
Rum Barrel Fermented Smoked Jalapeno

Hellfire Hot Sauce Gourmet Green - Not your average verde - jalapeno, ghost, 7-pot, scorpion, reaper woooo! Taco sauce!

Britannia Mills Chaude Boucane
That's 5 but if you are willing to order from Australia try:
Melbourne Hot Sauce Hop Smoked Jalapeno and Reaper Whisky BBQ!
When submitting an inquiry such as the one you have, any responses would be totally based on conjecture. Without knowing what you have already tried, and liked or disliked it is virtually impossible to answer. 
Heat and flavor profiles in sauces are highly subjective to personal tastes. I like some of the hottest sauces out there in moderation, but I also like several of the Tabasco sauces available. 
Best advise I can think of is attending a local hot sauce fest and trying sauces to your hearts content. 
It's hard to care much about sauces when it's harvest time. I'd stock up on sauces but frozen pods are a thing.

I mostly use hot sauce for things you can't add a pepper to like an already made burrito.
The ones that I'm consuming right now are...

Heartbreaking Dawn's Repercussion, great fermented tasting sauce, pepper forward, hot as F.
Primo's Swampadelic, mainstay superhot sauce as I can buy it in stores around here.
Yellowbird's Habenero, good mild universal sauce.
Bigfat's 708 Citrus, pretty awesome, but maybe a little too much cinnamon and spices for me.
Purple Hippo, unique fruity, prickly pear sauce, decent heat, but limited uses.

And shoutout to Akabanga, the weird Rwandan chili oil.
The Kroger brand Private Selection has one called Scotch Bonnet Mango. I absolutely love this sauce. Heats is ok not extremely hot but adds good bonnet flavor with a good sweetness. I add this plus texas pete on my taco kits. The sweetness of this sauce balances out the vinegar of the texas pete. Oh man it completes my tacos n takes em to another level. Plus its convenient to pick it up at Kroger.

The Hot Pepper

I have an unopened bottle can let u know if I open soon.
Chili Beer Hot Sauce - Super fresh tasting
El Yucateco XXXtra Hot sauce - Nice smokey flavor
Lucky Dog Pink Label - Fruity with some heat
Pex Peppers Atom Splitter - Really hot but great flavor
Puckerbutt I Dare you Stupit - Another pretty hot sauce with a nice vinegar tang
I like the El Yucateco Carribean style. Its sweeter than their other stuff. I eat tons of the green el yucateco. Their stuff is pretty good and convenient. The black i cant eat at all. Its flavor i just dont like
Not sure if i can list 5. Mainly because i dont buy really hot sauce.
Mild favorites
PexPeppers Taco Fuego.....might not be offered anymore but its a great ripe jalapeno based sauce. Quite hot for jalapeno too
314 Hot Sauce...Inexpensive hot sauce from STL. Another really simple ripe jalapeno hot sauce. No gums, coloring or artificial preservatives
BliS Blast.....very mild barrel aged hot sauce. Mild enough to use like ketchup.  Blend of chipotle, arbol and cayenne
Just above mild but not quite a full blown medium
Marie Sharps Smoked Habanero Special Addition (Not too mild, not too hot) on the label.....nice cheap all natural hot sauce from Belize. Many of her hotter sauces are way too salty for my tastes. This one is not.
Ghaleon said:
I've never seen a Scotch Bonnet sauce in any store in my area. I'm curious about ordering Queen Majesty's Scotch Bonnet and ginger hot sauce.
No Krogers your area. I really love the Private Selection Scotch Bonnet. I think private selection is a kroger brand.