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Red Jalapenos Hab Sauce

Needed to use up some fresh stuff so dug out a container and made some sauce :)
350gr Red Jalapenos
150gr Red Sweet Peppers (pre fried)
770gr Tomatoes
3 dried yellow Hab
2tbsp Smoked Paprika
2tbsp Oregano
2tbsp Seasoning
1 tbsp Ginger powder
45gr pink salt
Sprig fresh Rosemary
1/4cup Kefir whey
Gentle blitz Jalapenos and Tomatoes. Fried Red sweet peppers and add at end.
Looks very interesting with the roasted peppers!! :) I usually add spice to my finished ferments. Will be watching this one. Nice job dragonsfire!! :)
Looks tasty df, Might be interesting to try making a second batch using Sun Dried Tomatoes and compare the 2 batches. One of my first sauces I did this and man was there a big difference in the 2 sauces and with one really shining out.
That is what I thought this morning as I looked at my batch, Crap Mold, the Tomatoes are the culpret, lots of salt but not enough for them, dried versions would have been better.
SO for this one need to pasteurize it then add culture again except Vinegar this time.
I pulled of the top skin that formed, put in fridge, and will cooke when I get the chance this afternoon :)
Not yet. I have it in the rice cooker right now on low to pasteurize it then will decide to either inoculate it or just add vinegar and bottle it. Smells real nice so no off smells luckily.
good learning lesson. I have been curious about adding tomatoes to a ferment. I bet it will taste awesome no matter what way you decide you go with it