chinense Red Kraken Scorpion?

I pulled seeds from a chocolate/brown Kraken Scorpion last season and started 2 plants this season. One still has a while before any color change, but the other one is throwing out red pods. I got the brown pods from Seacowboy last year and I think they were only F1 or F2. Still really early to get any stability. Maybe there will be other colors to come.

smileyguy697 said:
There's already a red and yellow. That one might be crossed but idk for sure
Oh wow! I didn't know that. Yeah, these pods are wider than the pods the seeds came from. But the originals were wide. I don't know. You're probably correct...a cross. Thanks!
Kinda look similar in shape and size to the Chaguanas or however you spell it that I grew last year. Plants were so crowded with crazy growth a cross would be no surprise there.
Thanks, Jason! Whatever it turned out to be, I'm definitely ok with it. I was expecting it to be floral, but it was full fruity with a stinging mouth throat. Great flavor! My second plant has different shaped pods...more elongated. I can't wait to see what color they turn.