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Red Lady Papaya

Anyone growing these? I am lookin to trade for some seed of that or any other dwarf papaya. I have some Jamicann red, those things get huge. Only problem is ripe papaya, and peppers never seem to happen together for a nice sauce.
Never had any success growing papaya from seeds. They all seem to die off after gaining a few set of leaves. Since the Red Lady is F1 hybrid, you have to buy seeds or plants. Currently growing one Red Lady plant from Lowes :D
I'll get back to you next month if I can acquire fresh Red Lady Papaya F1 seeds from the local seed company here that sells that kind of variety.
I'm from the Philippines. There is a multi-national company here selling all sorts of seeds and seedlings. Check out this link for what you may need... http://www.eastwestseed.com/philippines/en/index.php. I get my supplies from them. Sad thing is, they don't have the Siling Labuyo variety that I am in dire need of right now.