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disease Reddish Brown spots on seedlings (Suspect Virus) What to do?

Good day for everyone! This is my third year growing hot peppers. I have been solving most of my growing issues reading this blog, including broad mites, watering, nutes,hydroponics, etc.
This week I encounter a very fast growing problem for which I can not find answers throughout the posts I have been searching. It all started with some "rusty-like" spot on the cotyledons in a couple of seedlings ( Picture 1), but in a matter of days it spread to almost all seedlings, and started to spread to the real leaves (Pictures 2 and 3). There are a variety of baccatum, annum, chinense. I think it started with some sweet gypsies, but i am not sure. Now is even on ghost and carolina reaper.
I use a home made soil mix ( soil + peat + perlite + compost). The ones that are in an hydroponic tank, are kept under a 650 ppm 5,9 ph.
I hope I made myself clear since english is not my native language.
Thanks in advance!! I do not know what to do!!
Last 3 pictures are from today!! It can also be some fungal problem...


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I used for the first time last season a Biofungicide on all my Fruit & vegetables with fantastic results.
We had peppers so healthy & productive I never imagined peppers could do so well. Best of luck with your grow.
We used: https://bonide.com/product/revitalize-bio-fungicide-conc/

I read where Argentina has a biofungicide they use for vegetables.

( soil + peat + perlite + compost).

This year we used Coco Coir pellets for everything.
Still using our 8' fluorescents for seed starting & using the Biofungicide in a spray mister.
This next season we have 4 square feet of LED sunshine for the babies.

We made our own starting mixes over the years, & I came to a conclusion. Starting seeds in
a mix of Peat, pearlite, & compost or worm castings caused many of my bug & disease problems.

Dirt the adult plants friend had a lot of issues, & there were better growing mediums that did
not have as many bug & disease problems.
This year was a perfect season for 12 varieties & 48 pepper plants that did so well were still processing peppers
on Nov 21st. After 51 years & 4 states + Guam I have never had an Organic Biofungicide to use until this year
it's more than nice to add this weapon to our Organic tool box.

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Water in the mornings if you’re not doing so already. Sometimes watering in the evenings can cause fungal issues. Plants stay wet for too long overnight and become susceptible to fungal disease. Watering in the morning, the leaves will dry out faster as it warms up in the day. Just a suggestion good luck.