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Removing Seeds

I am sure that this has been covered but I have not seen it anywhere.....

Is there a tricky way to remove the seeds from a lot of peppers fast and easy? Maybe some gizmo or clever automatic method.

I make a fermented habanero sauce and I like it to be fairly mild and without seeds. So I have to core out all of the seeds and ribs before I make my mash for fermentation. 

It would be great if there was some quick easy way to process a bunch of habaneros. It doesn't have to be Perfect... But if it just got rid of all the seeds and Most of the inner ribs that would be great.... It just takes so long to process all of those peppers. there has to be a better method.

Thanks for any ideas,

Ayeso, I've never seen a food mill actually remove seeds. Please give us more details. 
Alfred, my approach is to dehydrate the pods (after cutting in half), then the seeds come out easier once dry. It's still a PITA, but I don't know of any approach that makes removing seeds less painful, in terms of time or hassle. Since you are making a sauce, you will just rehydrate the pods once you've got the seeds removed. I don't know if this will work for fermentation, though, so I'd recommend a test run.
cheese baller :party:
Most have 2 different sizes so you can do small or large sized pods.
Works great for pulling seeds out of Bishops Hats so can fill up with cream cheese and bacon right before dropping in the deep fryer :drooling: :high: :rolleyes:
$7. Just spin the tool into the pepper. Removes, stem, seeds and placenta in one motion.
I just pour my finished sauce through a double meshed stainless steel strainer.  Give it the back side of a spatula and press the slurry til all sauce runs through.  Did two gallons this morn.


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Hi Alfred- :welcome: to THP-
Basically, if you want a milder ferment, use less habaneros and bulk up the ferment with milder or non-hot peppers like colored bell peppers, pimentos, those sweet mini peppers, etc. 
If the seeds are an issue for mouth feel and finish texture, I like to use a food mill.  After a ferment and before cooking will take out more of the pulp with the seeds, or after the ferment and after cooking, a bit more of the flesh and pulp will go through the food mill but the seeds will stay in the mill.
Have Fun!

+1 on the food mill. I've got 4 of them. I'm a sucker at garage sales. LoL

I actually use a couple of them when making sauce. When one helmets clogged, I grab another.

Salsa Lady is the guru on sauces and salsa. Learned a lot from her and others.

Good luck!