Restarting to growing chili's (maybe indoor?)


i am a a native german speaker person but i hate the german chili forums.
In my opinion there are to hateful.

I dont want such hateful people atm because i want these hobby for relaxing.

I also was growing chilis a few saisons outdoor but moved now to a location which has definitively to less sun to make it without a LED. :D
I dont like when the chilis are too hot but i like the Aji Amarillo a lot.
Its very delicious and the grade of spaciness i for me perfect! :)

Cause I am an native german speaker and dont have really contacts to english speaker atm my english is very worse but I think (and hope ;) ) that you can still understand me an maybe its also a good possibility for me to get better english skills. :)

I have a 2*4 grow tent and maybe I would use it for a "permanent" indoor growing. :)

Thanks and greetings
Saphira :)

If some information is missing just ask.


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from the Pacific NorthWest USA!


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