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review Review of Trini Mike's Original

Yesterday I got a bottle of this in a trade and after devouring 1/4 of the bottle I had to post something here.
This came out of Miami, Fla.
The consistency is thick like I love them. Think standard yellow bottle mustard thick.

Color: A slightly dark yellow

Heat: 8/10
Flavor: 9/10
Thickness: 10/10

Ingred: Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Lime Juice, White Vinegar, Carrots, Pimento Peppers, Onion, Mustard, Salt, Olive Oil, Shadow Beni , Garlic

Mike knows how to use scotch bonnets and proves it in this sauce.
There are pimento peppers and they are there backing up the mustard in taste nicely. The vinegar is there but not terribly there.
I made some popcorn chicken and fries for myself and the boys and the food didn't last long with this as a dipping sauce.


This is a good one to add to your fridge or collection.

EDIT: to add clear picture
Coming from you Brian I'm sure it's outstanding!!
I just love to try new extract free sauces made the right way.
Hey Brian,

I just returned back from a short trip to Trinidad. :dance: Thanks again for your thorough review of the sauce! I'm hearing great things about yours as well and I'm checking my mailbox daily. :drooling:
I just got my sample today of Trini Mike's Original too!!! and I love the stuff... I agree with much of what Justaguy mentioned and I have to say it is a very nicely balanced hot-sauce for people who like it hot but can't quite handle the super hot peppers yet...I can tell there is a good ratio of peppers to other ingredients... and it has a fresh, tangy taste... it doesn't taste like it was overcooked or over-aged like some sauces can

The Label is cool too..

I like the subtle different taste of scotch bonnet peppers over habaneros and the mustard put it over the top for me... I never thought with the mustard in it, I would still have tasted the peppers still but I did (I'm a fan of the scotch bonnet pepper taste).... it was not salty... yet it was not lacking salt... it had a good sweetness (most would disagree with me on saying it had a sweetness to it).. but the sweet I am talking about was from the natural sweetness of the peppers and other ingredients rather than the addition of sugar sources... some sauces use too much white vinegar and you lose out on the natural sweetness that comes through from the peppers and vegetables and then they add too much sugar to compensate... also, while I could taste the garlic a little, it too was not overpowering...I do like a bit of garlic in sauces

I think the olive oil adds something too...I couldn't really detect the taste of it outright... but I've had scotch bonnet sauces before but they were not like this... nor were they nearly as good... I don't see many sauces including olive oil in the list of ingredients in sauces I've had in the past.

It is great just on its own, yup.. even right from the spoon.... then I had it with some ham and it worked wonderfully... now.... I am going to have to get a loaf of bread and a beef roast and cook me up something so I can devour the rest of this bottle.... one of my favorite things is roast beef sandwiches with a nice mustard..... and this combines a pepper sauce with that hint of mustard..... I think this bottle will not last long

Thickness was good at room temperature... got a little thicker after being in the fridge but still a good consistency, it didn't flood out, nor did I have to shake the crap out of the bottle

Oooooh... I just had a thought... this would work well with a little more oil (just to make it into a dressing), topped over some cold shredded beef or salmon in salad too... Or maybe a hard boiled egg sandwich

I think I am now going to have to try a couple of the other the sauces too...

one question though.... does the original come in 10oz... or better yet 15 or 20oz bottles?? :drooling: