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misc Rewind/redo?


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The 2022 pepper growing season is well underway. Every morning and evening (and in-between) I inspect the troops - wondering what I could've done better/quicker/earlier and differently and what else I could/should have grown.

Since I've been on this forum you guys and girls have made me see the infinite range of peppers I could grow.

So my questions are:

1. What would you have done differently?

2. What other types of peppers would you have grown?

3. What wouldn't you grow again and why?

As usual I'll start - I realise you all get nervous when I start asking questions :lol:

1. Bought a heat mat sooner and started off everything earlier especially the hot chillies. Not cooked the early chilli plants <bangs head on table>

2. Sugar rush peach - why didn't I know this thing of beauty existed - I do now and it's first on my grow list for next year.

3. So far there's nothing I regret growing, they're all doing well, if a little late but there's about 10 more weeks for everything to start popping peppers out.
I bought very bright LED boards and they were too bright for my chilies. Light source was too piercing when too close. Leaves started to curl. I now keep a bigger distance when using LM301 LED boards. Didn't know that could happen but it happened to my chilies.

I love super hots. Mostly I grow them only. Like Peach Bleeder (Borg 9 hybrid with bleeding calyx) and Improved Naga X. But I would like to grow more wild species. They are so fascinating but I don't have time to grow them all. I'll wait for better momentum. Now I'm trying to cross peppers so I can focus more on them in the near future.


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1. Start even earlier inside and late transplant (garden area partially under pecan tree. squirrels….just sayin’).
2. Sugar rush stripey. Looks amazing, and from what I have looked up, tastes as good as it looks.
3. Wouldn’t NOT grow anything I am growing this year again. Will be planting seeds from all of this years harvest, plus sugar rush stripey, (if things go right, I will have plenty of seeds to share/trade).
1. Start my c. Chinense even earlier this year. Actually, they had a 3 week advantage over my c. annuum this year, but that is because none of my Monkey Face Yellow and Grandpa's Home pepper germinated. That is why I have mystery peppers this year, just bought 'Chili peppers' seed in a local shop, because I did not wanted to wait for new seeds to arrive.
2. Definitely going to grow Monkey Face Yellow again next year, it has the flesh of a bell pepper, and rather high SHU for an annuum. And if I can find seeds again, Grandpa's Home Pepper (it is not a great pepper, tiny fruits, but it is an excellent producer in the winter on the windowsill). And probably some new varieties, still to be decided.
3. I don't think I will save seeds from my mystery peppers, they are not bad, but not great too.
1. I'm pretty happy with how things are coming along so far this season, so I wouldn't change too much. Probably I would start the bulk of my seeds in January, as I usually do, rather than wait until February like I did this year, but that is about all.

2. I have pretty much maxed out my available grow space this year, so I couldn't really add more even if I wanted to. If I had a little more room available, I wouldn't mind having more than just the one Kraken Scorpion Orange plant. That plant is currently on track to be the most productive chinense variety in my grow this year. The Hippy Seed Company describes it as being sweet and fruity, without any floral or overly strong chinense flavors, which sounds pretty good to me. So I have high hopes for this one. But I will have to wait until I have some ripe pods to see for myself. I also wish that I had the space for some more Brazilian Starfish plants, since that variety has outstanding flavor, IMO.

3. There isn't really anything that I regret growing this year, but my Chaotic Jester and Pimenta Sparanise plants look like they are going to be my least productive chinenses this year. So, unless that changes or unless the pods are particularly good, those varieties could go on the "maybe not" list for future grows. Which would be a shame, since Pimenta Sparanise in particular has pretty cool looking pods. But again, I am reserving final judgment until later in the season when I have some ripe peppers to try.
1. Waited one more weak to move my plants outside. a freak storm and cold front basically set me back a month.

2. Probably a Pubescens.

3. Im happy with the varieties i've grow this year. Ill change it up next year as usual but i have found a few keepers.


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1. I would have sown them 2 weeks earlier (once outside my plants got stuck in idle mode for almost a month, thanks to our crappy spring weather with non-stop rain and cold temps).

2. 7 Pot Savannah (none of my seeds germinated...), Papa Dreadie SB, SRP and Taj Mahal orange minion.

3. Can't tell for now but any varieties that grows too tall/lanky or with low production level, or bland/bad taste or that takes a decade to ripen would automatically fit on that list (only time will tell as the season is still young).