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rjacobs 2016 GLOG

Figured I would start up a GLOG as this will be my first big year.  Last year all I did was Carolina Reaper and got 9 plants out of 10 seeds.  They took forever to germinate.  Started 5 in paper towel/zip lock bag.  Nothing happened after 2-3 weeks so moved them into hydro seed starter.  Also put 5 into jiffy pellets in a seed starter.  Those germinated pretty quickly and eventually the seeds in the hydro seed starter germinated. 
All 9 of those plants are still alive although my 4 are the biggest.  My buddy has 4 and his got mites and he had to trim them to nothing and bomb them with neem, but they are coming back.  My other buddy has 1 and he has struggled with it and he grows a lot of Hab's so he knows how to grow peppers.
This year I just did seeds straight into soil in a seed starter tray on a heat mat.  Soaked them in straight water over night(about 18 hours) and then into the soil.  Got about a liter of water in the bottom of the tray and then misted the tops with filtered water.
Started the following:
Bhut Orange Copenhagen x 8
Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion x 8
Aji Pineapple x 6
Aji Sugar Rush x 6
I started double what I want to eventually end up with and will give away what I dont use.  I have a few more seeds of each type if these dont do anything.  I tried to pick out the better looking seeds in the package.  All seeds came from Refining Fire Chili's so I am hoping for good germination rates.

In Dallas I should be able to be in the ground around March 1 so the plan is to get these up and going and transplanted into either solo cups or some small plastic garden pots(found various sizes online for like 30c a piece) and then be ready to go into the ground with them.
Ive also got 4 varieties of bell peppers, 4 varieties of tomato, 2 variety of cucumber, and 2 variety of beans that will also get planted.
Im all ears for advice as like I said, this is my first big year, but my Reapers are still alive and slowly look to be popping pods.  I now know a lot of the things I did wrong with those and hope to not repeat the mistakes.  Most of those mistakes were simply over watering and not re-potting in a timely fashion and allowing the plants to get a little root bound.
Was having heat and humidity issues in my closet I was using as a grow room so I bought a grow tent today.
Its a GrowLab GL80L tent.  3x5x8 I think it is.  Cost 170 bucks.  Quality is ok, a few pin holes, but nothing that really concerns me.  One of the corner seams ripped out as I was trying to get the tent over the frame.  I stitched it back up and it should be fine.  The fabric that is supposed to fall into place to cover the zippers inside is crap.  But again, for 170 bucks compared to 450-500 for a Gorilla tent, I am ok with what I got.
I was going to get a 4" exhaust fan, but they were sold out and didnt have any more so I ordered it from Amazon and will have it Thursday.
I have a big plastic pan I had bought for my closet and its roughly 3x5 also so this tent was the perfect size.  I have plenty of room in the tray to put my seedlings in small plastic pots or solo cups before bringing them outside in the spring.

rjacobs said:
Its a Mars-Hydro Mars II 900w. 
According to a quick Google search, that's a helluva light you got there. Is everything going in the tent or do you have a secondary station for more plants?
Genetikx said:
According to a quick Google search, that's a helluva light you got there. Is everything going in the tent or do you have a secondary station for more plants?
Right now all I have is the 4 reapers you see in the picture.  I started the 4 other varieties listed in the first post in my seed starter.  The plan is to re-pot those seeds into solo cups or small square plastic potting containers and put them in the tent until everything can go back outside around March 1.  There is a ton of room left in the tent so shouldnt be a problem to get everything in.  I will slide the reapers against the back wall and have about a 1x5 area to put everything else.  I have to build my 4 raised beds still and get the soil which should get done hopefully later this month.
Came home from a weekend trip to find 2(row 3, cell 5 and 6) Aji Sugar Rush coming along nicely, 2(row 3, cell 1 and 4) more that are popping and at least 1 BOC that is starting to pop as well.  Im pretty impressed with the super fast germination I am seeing.
Soil tops were looking a little dry so I misted some water, shot this picture and closed her back up.
Getting ready to leave town for a week so I transplanted a few of my sprouts into solo cups and into the grow tent.  They were growing like weeds and I think if I had left them for a week things could have gone bad.  I only transplanted the ones that were at least an inch, most were almost 2" tall.  They need fresh air and light as they were starting to all get tall and spindly from not having a light on the seed starter.  There are a few that are just starting to poke up which should be ok for the week.  Im dissapointed in the Aji Pineapple so far.  Got 1 that is just starting to poke its head out and nothing from the rest.
4x BOC
4x Jays Peach Ghost
3x Aji Sugar Rush
Havent updated in a while.
My over winters are exploding.  They have gotten huge and are putting off tons of flowers.  Ive got a few that have set pods, but a lot have dropped which is disappointing.  Ive been battling the aphids, spraying with Bonide Fruit and Nut once a week and seem to be keeping them in check.

Seedlings are doing well.  Got 8 Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion.  6(I think) BOC.  4 or 5 Aji Sugar Rush.  Only 1 Aji Pineapple(but I have 2 more sprouted in the seed starter and 3 more seeds im trying to get to germinate).   I havent had "good" luck with the Aji varieties and getting them going.  I will admit I killed at least 6 or 7 sprouts though.

Got two of my 4 raised planter beds done today.  Im only bleeding a little too which is good.  Going to finish up the other 2 tomorrow.
D3monic said:
Very nice, I like your fence too, looks very rabbit proof. 
yea 8k dollar rabbit fence!!!!
When I bought this house in July that was the realtors selling point, well one of them.  "look at this fence, 8k dollars, 8 foot, board on board, blah, blah, blah".  I come from a part of the country(Missouri) where nobody has fences so to me it was just a fence.  I never knew Texans had such a fence fetish, but now I do.
Ive got to level the planter boxes.  My yard slopes off gently for drainage so they are sitting at a slight angle.  I think a single 2x4 along the back will level them out enough.  Ill take care of that before I fill with soil.
Dirt got delivered this morning.  Moved dirt for about 5 hours. 
I ordered 5 yards.  This is what showed up.  It was AT LEAST 7 yards if not more.

Interior dimensions on my raised beds calculates out to 1.10 cu yards(4.4 cu yds. total).  Had to order 5, no problem, got a few low spots in my yard I can fill.  After filling the beds, filling every low spot in my yard I could find, I was flinging dirt all over my yard just to get rid of the pile in my driveway.  It was WAY to much.  I STILL have a 6cu. ft. wheel barrow that's FULL.  And I put an extra wheel barrow on the tops of all 4 of my beds that I need to spread.  I got no room for mulch.  Might add another layer of wood to make it deeper so I can get mulch in there.
Runescape said:
Wow the overwinters are looking huge already...
When are you planning to start putting plants in the ground?
They are bigger than that last picture now.  And ive got some seedlings that are going nuts too, mostly the Aji's, but a few Jays Peach Ghost.
Planning to be in the ground around March 1, but really no set date.  I just keep an eye on the 10 day and monthly forecast.  Supposed to be 75 today, but tomorrow or Monday cool back off into the 50's for at least 2 weeks.
I started a second batch of bell pepper seeds today.  First batch has been in the seed starter(tupperwear with paper towel) for almost 2 weeks.  Only got 5 of almost 30 seeds to germinate, of course all of the same kind.  So I started new batches in zip lock bags with paper towels of the 3 varieties that none have germinated.  Now that I have done that I am SURE I will get every seed in the original starter to germinate!