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fermenting Roasted Jalapeno and Fermented Sriracha

I finally made my batches of hot sauce from my fall peppers.  The Srtiracha ended up being fermented 3+ months - life just got too busy.  I also roasted some jalapenos, onions, and garlic on the grill back in September and threw them in the freezer to be made into a hot sauce later.

This was a real bummer of a year for the garden.  The weather was so bad for tomatoes and peppers that I was only able to make one batch of salsa and these two hot sauces.  Thankfully the beginning of the season was just fine for berries, so I did get a lot of jam put up which saved the year from being a total bust.

On to pictures!


Starting the cooking process.  I had already used the immersion blender on both sauces at this point.  The roasted jalapeno will need additional blending.


I like a very smooth Sriracha. I de-seed before the ferment and the bacteria breaks down the pepper skins enough that they get liquified quite easily.


I had to change the recipe a bit on this one.  The 5 pounds of jalapenos took up a lot more room in the pot than I thought they would.  This is a 6 quart pot.  I had to transfer some of the sauce to the sriracha pan after I was done processing it so I could get it to the consistency I wanted.


And the finished product!  I ran out of woozys
  I would actually call the Roasted Jalapeno a pepper sauce rather than a hot sauce.  My normal recipe the jalapenos make up about 50% of the solids, but this one I would say is probably 80% jalapenos.

My wife made the comment last night after I was finished that I seemed happier today than I have been.  Work has been running me ragged and I think the lack of harvest this fall was really getting to me.  There is something deeply satisfying about making hot sauce.  I think it might be my favorite hobby.

The work craziness is finally over as of yesterday, good or bad.  Now I can start planning on what peppers to plant and which seeds I need to reacquire after this last year's debacle.  92 peppers plants and maybe 100 pods total.