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Robbyjoe01 Growlog 2011

Got my final starting in for the year. This should finish out for the year.:dance:

-Trinidad Scorpion (Butch T) -slated for overwinter/breed :mouthonfire:

-Barrackpore 7-Pod -slated for overwinter

-Capsicum lanceolatum -slated for overwinter

-Capsicum rhomboideum -slated for overwinter

-Capsicum frutescens (Wiri Wiri) -slated for overwinter

-Capsicum chacoense (Cap 501) -slated for overwinter

First start in March took some hits but still have a good stock for the year :)

-Texas Bird (Tepin) -add to seed bank

-White Habanero -slated for overwinter/breed

-Early Jalapeno -eat and enjoy

-Thai dragon -add to seed bank

Crapped out totally on Bhut Jolokia and Nagga morich but might give them another try. Sad to report only one Capsicum exile has survived and with my failed attempt to bonsai a jalapeno I guess my little exile will have to do. In other RJ's garden news my whole front yard is looking like a salad and salsa plate with all the other veggies and herbs coming up. Got a hail storm comming up from Oklahoma so me and the gardens are hunkering down. :woohoo:
Hey Bud

You got some real beauties there!!

Just make sure you hang onto your hat when the shooting starts!!
...Haven't got the film yet for camera...
Uhhhh, yea, right! Man up with the pix, dude!

Also, would like to see pictures of those peppers to go along with those fancy names, cause I don't know what the heck they are!

Regardless, Good luck on your grow.... :cool:
Hey my wife said she can take pictures on her camera tomorrow. So pics by tomorrow. Those ones with "fancy names" are just seeds planted . I could show ya a seed packett :rofl:
Good man! Sorry, I thought that batch you mentioned was already growing, not just seeds! Guess you could wait till July, then. Thanks for the link on the wilds, I'm trying to soak up as much as I can from the wide world 'o peppers... :cool:
Yea when I say start I mean in the germination chamber. Can get some pictures of those from March. We're just getting started on the season :)
good show RJ, sounds like your special south american seeds arrived, let's hope your weather lets them produce by september. i believe this is an elnina year, the last elnina year i had my tepins produced big time, but of course my cold whether kicked in and i didn't eat fresh fruit until december. i wouldn't put them off to overwintering just yet.
I'm figureing about 20 plants to overwinter. That is if all goes right this season. hey I wanted to let ya know I finally got my Egyptian walking onions. One of the workers at a seed and feed had some he dug up for me.