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RobStar's other goodies

So. I grow lots of different things. Mostly indigenous to southern African but I do have a penchant for wacky exotics.

I'll document anything worthwhile as the seasons progress. Our climate is Mediterranean so winter rain and summer drought. Tomorrow is the official Spring day here in the Southern Hemisphere.

First up my Spring flower display. This is mostly annuals and summer deciduous bulbs. The shrubbery behind it comprises various bird and butterfly attracting species that also create shade behind them for a totally different garden.

In the background you can see various Tillandsia including a giant specimen of T. duratii var saxicola on a slab of sandstone.

The annual display comprises Cleretium bellidiforme (low growing daisy-like flowers), Nemesia strumosa (orange, yellow, pink white) and interspersed Freesia leichtlinii subsp alba. The large grey rosulate shrub is Arctotis verbascifolia.


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Thank you 👍 Every year is different. For next year I decided that the dynamic between Cleretium bellidiforme and Nemesia strumosa is going to be augmented (read: You have new friends) Now I'm adding Watsonia and Gladiolus so next year is different. And herds more annuals. Going to be a riot.